Sunday, February 28, 2010

a month of sundays

well, almost a month since the last post. an update on the food front- the ham, artichoke and potato gratin- awesome, next time i'll cut the recipe in half, use prosciutto and tons of artichokes, cheddar, bacon chive biscuits- are just as good without the bacon as they are with, these will be part of the permanent recipe collection. the leek and mushroom soup with parsley dumplings- just okay, a lot of work, and not tons of flavor. the easy marsala chicken was very good, and not heavy on the indian taste, will add more seasoning next time, a winner with the kids. the cream tart with orange, honey and almond crust-AWESOME-plan to make it again for easter. celery root and apple salad with hazelnut vinaigrette, very good, used walnut oil instead, will make again when a main dish calls for something that's cole slaw-y in nature. didn't make the chocolate cake-but i do have hopes on that one.
on the knitting front, i finished the ravelympics (and mom's infinity scarf), not my favorite pattern, or yarn, but she's delighted, can you tell?, and so that means a lot.

here's a close up
yesterday, we had a sewing day at church, i worked on some quilts and then got the pieces for this diaper bag. i was hoping to do a happy dance when i was done, but i couldn't get the seam that goes around the top, that actually attaches the liner to the bag to work out, i broke one needle and continued to overload the motor on my machine. i tried 4 times, and am going to have to pass the rest of the finishing onto someone else. it is cute, but i wish i could say i'd make more, but don't think that's gonna happen.

am now focusing on the peasy sweater. february brought ravelympics, chinese new year, quilt club, sunday school lunch, sewing day, as well as, crazy weather: snow, frigid temps, sunshine, gray skies, etc. wonder if march will come in like a lion? i'm off to watch julie and julia and do some more knitting-TTFN