Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

The neighborhood's ready!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


just wished we'd have won- can you say "holding" and "hey coach, get off the field", enjoy the photos, it was a gorgeous day nonetheless. . .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

who knew?

when our dillard 09 plans were made, i mentioned to my MIL that i'd like to visit the antique stores to search for buttons- she wondered why the interest in buttons- well- just kinda -because-seems like an interesting endeavour, etc. etc. well, i'm not the only one- did you know there is a national button society?, and a georgia button society, and a "must-have" book that sells around $300-$600- Big Book of Buttons by Elizabeth Hughes- i am watching one on e-bay that's up to about $40 right now-fingers, etc crossed for this. how very interesting- will provide more blog fodder for sure! the most sought after button is the 1789 George Washington Inauguration Button- beaucoup bucks people-beaucoup!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

the food was good.

taste of acworth, the first time i've been, and of course, kathy was willing to join me, so andrew, kathy, courtney, danielle and myself headed out-it was a gorgeous, but cool morning. we had a soccer game at 2, so we had to get there early. checked out all the food vendor booths from local restaurants, and some of the downtown area merchants.

andrew and daniell enjoy pizza from capo's, i think-can't really tell from daniell's expression- maybe andrew has cooties?

andrew and kathy

the dames and divas boutique way cool beetle bug

oh yea back to the food- sampled waterstone grill's salmon cake with mango salsa and the beef ragu with pinot noir reduction- then the peach and blueberrie cobbler with vanilla ice cream- yum, and a sampling of foxwood pinot grigio and cabernet sauvignon

heading back to the car we saw elvis-i always thought he was taller! these are the kennesaw mountain cloggers-much different than from when i was a kid- rap music and clogging- hmmmm i don't get it

after soccer- steve and i headed to a retirement party- after 30 years, can you tell the before and after? yea, the food was good- can't beat a grilled burger and fresh salsa

Saturday, October 18, 2008

friday fun

with a day like this . . . glad we had indoor plans

after the usual exercise regime, i enjoyed fresh-pressed coffee-i'm really addicted now-a slice of fresh banana bread that PJ made thursday night, yes my boy's been in the kitchen,

the quilting plans changed a bit, glad they did with the weather- nixed the quilt show idea as we'd already gotten our bargains last week--we started in the fellowship hall to spread out- we both had quilt tops that were finished, and needed to move onto the next phase. then met back at my house for lunch and more quilting

big girl pizza for lunch- proscuitto, mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach, basil, red onion, and fresh mozzarella- does it get any better than that?! one of the things i love about kathy is her willingness to shuffle plans around, we were going to do lunch out, and decided that our time and money was better spent having something at home-also more sewing time

halloween petit fours for dessert- yum

made the scampi fra diavolo for dinner it was a hit, i added the tomato wedges and the gemelli, the boys suggested angel hair pasta next time. not so great photo

finally- the froot loops are done- finished them on thursday, and will block them today

these 3 day work weeks and 3 day weekends, could be addictive!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

odds and ends

i bought a lip pencil on 9/29 and had lost it by 10/4, but found this in my make up basket~~brand new how'd i do that?~~ on 10/7- does that mean i'm even?

one of mary's selections- good call mary- hope to find more of this, and it has a cool bottle, note to self~~buy more!

last of the summer wildflowers- these were uprooted on monday, they were on stalks taller than i - thought they'd look much nicer on the window sill in the kitchen.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

thanks mr. c.

mr. c as in christopher columbus, thanks to him i had the day off- yea,so here's how the day went:

hit the bike at 4:30, a whole hour to devote today- then floor exercises:

6:29 am: homemade biscuits for the boys- they were small, but very tasty

7:15 am drop andrew off at school for snow boarding lessons, andrew's photo not so good as it was still dark-then pj at 7:30- then drop off dry cleaning- home by 7:45 am

8:00 am head downstairs to tackle the mini book project- thermos of coffee and i-pod with speakers ready to go ---

boxes of photos that have had a preliminary sorting: goal is to cut paper, sort photos again, some throwing out, and cut covers to make mini albums (books), doing this in stages

madam guillotine from work- does a great job with multiple sheets of paper and chip board

10:00 am take a break and check the patio- geraniums still look pretty good- had already pulled out the summer plants that were "spent"

a quick photo session- i did a little shopping at the quilt store on saturday- great bargains 25, 30 and 70% off!

and i won a door prize! a book by this author i knew the name was familar- a modern day william morris-i'm in love! my first quilt top "morris garden" is based on his designs.

2:25 pm coffee break and finished up project. the remaining photos are my albums for NY, Boston and Vegas, also the bottom box are "professional" photos of family members that are either 5x7 or 8x10, and i haven't quit decided what to do with them yet, but i did meet my goal for the day-

end of phase 1 of the mini books -good results- really did little thinking in terms of paper-wanted to use up stuff i had on hand and wanted this to be a quick deal-

3:15 a visit outside- say hello to the hairy toad lillies- bought these at an eclectic nursery several years ago, and brought them to our new house, i♥them. they love the shade or dappled sun, so if anyone wants some-they really spread. . .

3:45 pm i met a new friend-he was a big'un

landscape phase 1 finished, planted burgundy mums and some pansies. will tackle the containers in a couple weeks, transplanted a few items that were in containers over the summer,and tidied this bed, there is still a bit of summer color, also did a bit of transplanting around the birdbath- don't know if the stuff will come back, but wanted to give it a try rather than throwing the ferns and caladiums in the trash- we'll see . .

whew- i'm a bit tired from all that, but glad i stuck with it:: want to have the mini albums totally done by thanksgiving- did manage to enjoy a nice steak dinner and a glass of wine- looking forward to a day of quilting with kathy- must remember to do photos

happy monday ya'll

Saturday, October 11, 2008

friday frolics

love fridays, not only does it end the work week, but if all things are normal, when i get home the groceries are bought, house cleaning and laundry done, so i feel i can really relax and unwind.

worked on my secret sister stole- dropped a stitch, so i gotta back track, but enjoy the time in the car, and the traffic wasn't bad either.

browsed bon appetit, plan to try the buttermilk biscuits, pan-fried fish, beef short ribs w/coriander & cardamon, the scampi fra diavolo, and the quick sausage (turkey, of course) and mushroom lasagna- yum yum!

friday night- chaperoning epic for the church youth group, some of the youth stayed overnight (including pj), as they were going to spend saturday doing a clean up session.

great of pj, and of course, not so great of me, but the photographer was holding the photo at a weird angle.

pj and the other kids seemed to really enjoy having the adults around, it really was fun, listening to them listen to the music we grew up with, laughing, singing, and just having a really good time.

pj and the fuzz ball table.

pj and the girls

looking forward to saturday, sunday and monday getting things done. fall plantings, quilt shopping (more on that!), soccer (we lost, again), some easy cooking, and enjoying the cooler temps.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

soccer socks.

one great thing about soccer games and practices is that it gives me quality knitting time, so last night's practice allowed me to get caught up on the first clue of the Through the Loops KAL, and i've made some progress on the 2nd froot loop, may have these done for halloween, they do look halloween-y don't they. i just love socks . . .

weekend wrap-up

friday night football~~~~ homecoming 2008

the moms- kathy, myself and joyce (our new friend and quilter from pennsylvania)

the kids---danielle, pj and andrew -they went off to mingle

the team

the quilters- first installment of the quilters club- searching for a name- lydia, kathy and brenda, joyce couldn't make it so hopefully next time- great fun

i also made some birthday cards, finished a quilt top, cooked more meals than i care to think about as well as washed so many dishes, pots and pans, my hands are woefully chapped. we lost our soccer game, but i've started the second froot loop, yea-looking forward to the week of the 13th, since it will be 3 day work week, of course soooo many plans for that time off-stay tuned for that-

Sunday, October 5, 2008


friday we had a memorial service for my nana- winifred walker-at least 50 people attended~~ DBE and our church to help us honor her. we couldn't be in england with the rest of our family, so our church family came together to help us put together a memorial service; which began within an hour of the uk one starting- how bout that- here are a few photos- it really was a special time
wedding photo and flowers at the alter

the luncheon table

just the right amount of flowers~~~~~