Wednesday, August 14, 2013


and flashbacks to some of this past weeks highlights. a bike ride with Katie, a great riding partner who shared some tips and tricks. am hoping we get to do this again soon. it felt pretty good keeping up with someone training for a triathlon!
I had to take a photo of this "unsubscribe" option for Cobb County School Distrist, YES! never email me again.  so glad to be done with high school (Andrew is too!)
Sophie gets the newspaper, one of the first "tricks" I taught her when she was a wee puppy.
goodie box for Andrew.  This is something I did for PJ when he left for college, a box of stuff that they don't get to open until after their classes on the first day.  I had a lot of fun at Trader Joe's picking out stuff for Andrew, very different from PJ's !  Andrew is taking 1 storage container of clothes and 3 containers for kitchen stuff.
New cycling gear-road bike, new helmet, and riding shoes with cleats.  I'm still trying to get used to the shoes, and totally love the new bike. 

and finally, a lovely birthday dinner, spicy shrimp tacos, and mini apricot cakes courtesy of Andrew.  Steve made margaritas, and I got some lovely cards and books. a happy day indeed.

seems kinda weird that the next time I post, both boys will be officially moved out of our house and in their own "space".  I think it's time to re-design the blog as well, seems appropriate to freshen up lots of things now. stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

i love a giveaway.andpie.

my recent success in winning cool stuff has prompted me to enter every possible giveaway on blogs i read especially when it comes to books and yarn.  that being said after hearing the recent episode of the craftlit podcast, which featured an interview with andi and her book big foot knits, i couldn't resist.  this is a must for any sock knitter's library.  i love my hand-knit socks, but sometimes the fit isn't always "spot on".  this book goes beyond just giving pattern instructions and provides a recipe or template to customizing them for optimal fit. so i'm doing my part by spreading the word.  this also reminds me that i have sorely neglecting this blog, and i hope to change that.  may to august has kept me busy, while at the same time i've been trying to be "not too busy". i've wanted to spend more time closer to home.  the next big thing is getting andrew ready for college-move in day is NEXT WEEK-gah! i'm really gonna miss him, but am excited for him at the same time.  i'll be changing a lot of my daily routine, especially kitchen duties, so perhaps that will provide some moderately interesting content to bring to the blog.  in the meantime, i'll leave you with a photo of the lemon meringue pie andrew made yesterday. andrew heading off to college is going to be great on my waistline.