Saturday, April 28, 2012

oh yes, let's.

this may be only second time i've knit a sweater in less than a month-so ta-da! now let's enjoy a pomegranate martini shall we?! sweater pattern in vodka lemonade by thea coleman whom i'm officially in love with, and the yarn is submine baby cashmerino (DE-vine!)

Friday, April 27, 2012

may madness

i use my outlook calendar to help with meal planning. i list all the after schoo/work activities so we know which days require something quick for dinner or leftovers. also, it lets the family know what's on the menu. keeps them in the know and me organized-gotta love that. this is the first time i actually color coded what's going on, and as you can see ALOT. 4 birthdays, a wedding anniversary, mother's day, 3 social get togethers and 2 trips-both of which i'm really looking forward to. so my goal, which will also include my OLW for the year, will be to focus on these activities and document them along the way. my wine fridge is fully stocked, so i'm totally ready for this

Thursday, April 26, 2012


my focus goal for April was to do some deep cleaning. this included dusting from crown molding to baseboards, windows, drawers, closets, cabinets etc. i'm happy to say that i got this all accomplished WAY ahead of schedule and i'll get to play this weekend-knitting with mary and karen, and a movie with andrew and hopefully steve. i have finally decided on what to do with my OLW for April, and most likely won't share on the blog since it'll be seriously personal. i am looking forward to what may has to offers and how focus will fit into the things that are planned.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

currents-aka it's been a while

listening -the traffic outside my window at work

eating -had a bowl of special k earlier

drinking - on my third cup of coffee since 6:15.

wearing - my green and bright pink plaid capris, white tank and bright pink cardigan.

reading - gumbo tales and elegy for eddie (jacqueline winspear's newest maisie dobbs book)

weather -57 degrees, and cloudy, should be nicer later today when i go for my lunch time walk, big improvement over yesterday's weather!

knitting - vodka pink lemondade, graham cracker, vintage rose, and ny revisited. have made significant progress on all 4 of these sweaters, but am going full speed on the VPL for a specific skirt in my work/church wardrobe

needing - to print photos, clean the doors (last bit of my big spring cleaning project, do some sewing, etc. etc., buy new shoes for work. does the list EVER end?

enjoying - that it's THURSDAY and so close to FRIDAY

looking forward to - PJ stopping by next friday and the following friday on his way to camp cherokee for a special job assignment. knitting with mary and karen next saturday.

wondering -if i'll ever get out of this "valley" and move on top of a "mountain"

how about you?