Thursday, April 19, 2012

currents-aka it's been a while

listening -the traffic outside my window at work

eating -had a bowl of special k earlier

drinking - on my third cup of coffee since 6:15.

wearing - my green and bright pink plaid capris, white tank and bright pink cardigan.

reading - gumbo tales and elegy for eddie (jacqueline winspear's newest maisie dobbs book)

weather -57 degrees, and cloudy, should be nicer later today when i go for my lunch time walk, big improvement over yesterday's weather!

knitting - vodka pink lemondade, graham cracker, vintage rose, and ny revisited. have made significant progress on all 4 of these sweaters, but am going full speed on the VPL for a specific skirt in my work/church wardrobe

needing - to print photos, clean the doors (last bit of my big spring cleaning project, do some sewing, etc. etc., buy new shoes for work. does the list EVER end?

enjoying - that it's THURSDAY and so close to FRIDAY

looking forward to - PJ stopping by next friday and the following friday on his way to camp cherokee for a special job assignment. knitting with mary and karen next saturday.

wondering -if i'll ever get out of this "valley" and move on top of a "mountain"

how about you?

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Mary said...

so much knitting!!! sorry I missed you yesterday...especially because you're wearing my favorite pink capris!!