Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You're Never Too Old

On June 8th, several folks from my office played another group of Task Force officers in softball- too much fun. I haven't held a softball bat since I was about 13. I actually hit the ball all three times I was at bat, got on base once. Our team won, we had a few celebratory brewskies, and then headed to the Prince of Wales Pub, better than sitting in traffic. We're looking forward to the next game.

That's me in the hat, post game

Celebratory gauntlet with the teams

My second at bat, I did miss the first two pitches

Philosophical Musings

Back to the concept of life and yarn-

Knitting is a lot like life- you pick out a pattern, then you decide on the details, what color yarn , what type of fiber, etc. Sometimes you have the color and yarn in mind, you just to find the perfect pattern. Then you set upon the course by reading the instructions on the pattern. Sometimes re-reading because you didn't' "understand" the first time around. You may have to get help along the way from someone more experienced. You may drop a stitch or two along the way (friends, relationships). Once you discover this mistake you have the option to pick up the dropped stitch (if it's not too far gone), or you can start over. Forgiveness often plays a role in life and knitting. Knitting is one of the most forgiving crafts for these reasons. Most mistakes can be remedied with a little patience, but sometimes you have to go back to square one and begin again.

Sometimes things don't work out, and the finished product doesn't fit, isn't what you expected, and again you have another choice- rip it out, learn from your mistakes, or decide another course by selecting another pattern, or yarn.

I think people who actually have a passion for some form of craft understand the connection between the object created and life experiences. Anyone who paints, does wood working, scrapbooking, anything that requires time and effort on the part of the artist.

Knitting is so simple, but very complex at the same time. Knitting consist of only 2 stitches knit and purl, it's how you manipulate those stitches that produce the intricate designs and patterns. Simply changing the type of yarn, or the size of the needles can make a huge difference in the outcome. Isn't that a lot like our lives. We can make our lives very complicated and intricate by weaving in lasting friendships, enriching our lives with music and art, or it can be very simple by showing love to others, and admiring nature. Bottom line our life is based on the choices we make, and the mistakes we learn from along the way. It's choosing to tackle the 15 color fair isle pullover, or staying safe and knitting the scarf.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Food Review

Seared Scallops with creamy noodles and peas- Gourmet 2007 (can't remember what month). Didn't think a food review would go well with baby blankets, but who knows- This recipe was awesome, the boys loved it, you can't really see the scallops as I used the small ones, but still very tasty. It will go in the collection of recipes to make again. What I'll do different is add some minced garlic to the butter after it stops "foaming", add more parmesean cheese at the end. The boys, Mom and I agree that this would also be tasty with shrimp or chicken. It had a nice creaminess without feeling guilty or heavy! Very easy and quick to make, that is if your stove tops boils water faster than mine. Our stove top seriously needs to be replaced, it took more than 30 minutes to get the waster to begin boiling. I know it's not the cookware as it's All-clad, and doesn't come much bettter. This gets the PDG rating (pretty darn good!)
Next up in the posting schedule, artist corner, PJ and his new bass guitar (don't ask) and the Juror reunion cookout.


I have started knitting blankets as baby gifts. Since October I've knit blankets for 3-co workers, and a new member of our church. Steve informed that he had someone at work whose wife was expecting a baby anytime, so I volunteered to do one for him. Turns out that Steve has 2 other co-workers having babies, so I got to knitting. This blanket is #2 of 3 for Steve. We have somoneone at church who is having a baby, so I'll owe her a blanket, but she doesn't know what she's having yet, so I'll wait. The yarn I've been using is a wonderful cotton, and comes in a very cool bubble gum/cotton candy ish color, so I'm hoping Melanie will have a girl, so I can use that yarn. I have one more for a co-worker who is having a boy in November. I love doing these because they are so soft, and I know that the receipient is going to really appreciate the gift. This is another reason why I enjoy knitting so much. I often work on these during my lunch hour, and my colleagues are very intrigued by the whole process. I've taught a couple gals how to knit, but I don't think the "fever" has hit them yet.

The blanket as it was "blocked". I love the pattern. It is an alternate between garter stitch blocks and stockinette with a garter stitch border. If I can give it the time, I can finish one in a week. That means knitting when I ride the bus to and from work, and on my lunch hour. Andrew has soccer cam this week, so I won't be doing the bus, so I'll be having to find more time to get #3 finished.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Day at the High

Mom and I went to the High Museum http://www.high.org to see the Ghiberti's Gates of Paradise, 3 of the panels are at the museum, and they are fantastic. We also took in the deocrative arts at the Kings as Collectors exhibit, part of the items from the Louvre. It had been a while since Mom had been to the museum, so we took a look at the newly re-arranged permanent collection. Once you've studied the 18-19th century American painters you can appreciate the works in the permanent collect, such artists as Henri, William Merritt Chase and countless others. Investigate the early movements by the "Ashcan Group", and those that studied at the Hudson River Academy. We saw Renoir, Gilbert Stuart, Monet, and others.

Jean outside the High

My first try at the long- arm shot- not too bad

Friday, June 22, 2007

The Parrot Island Band

Here's another posting, may have some rambling going on to start with, but I think that's okay. will have to take the time later to explain the title of the blog. Have been finding ways that knitting and other "crafts" are an imiation of life- sort of.

However, back to the PIBand. How many pastors do you know have their own band? Anyone?

The Parrot Island Band, with PJ on the shaker.

Well Bryant Harris, his wife Linda, church member Harlan Dunk, and a new bass player have formed the Parrott Island Band, featuring Jimmy Buffett tunes, Crosby Steels & Nash among others, some very cool summery music. Visit the myspace link listed on this blog for more information on the band. Tonight, my mom, the boys (PJ and Andrew), and later on Steve, enjoyed fabulous music on the patio outside the Season de Provence restaurant in Acworth- http://www.seasonsdeprovence.com/. Yes, a French restaurant, in little Acworth featuring a band that plays Jimmy Buffett- miracles happen every day.

PJ and Andrew enjoy dessert

Charley the Magician (and Londoner) shows some magic tricks, and pauses for a photo with Jean and Andrew. He was quite the entertainer.

Chocolate Fondant

Bananas Crepes

We can't wait to go back and listen to the PIB.

My first try

Here is goes at posting, I think my blog is missing a bunch of stuff, but hopefully I'll have some pictures to add or something.

Found this on one of the knitting websites that sells t-shirts. http://www.dreamweaveryarns.com/catalog