Wednesday, January 28, 2009

happy birthday you two.

a belated to katie and an early to karen. hope the two of you have/had a wonderful day. look forward to celebrating with you both sometime soon, but for now, i'll send a virtual bouquet of flowers to two women i adore and admire and am very grateful for having you both in my life. birthday hugs and kisses to you both.

picture taken from here:

Sunday, January 25, 2009

an update.

well it's time to get back to the old grind. i had a wonderful week, a lot of time with "the girls". there are more photos on flickr that i uploaded. i got caught up on a LOT of stuff, but the knitting was not as productive as i'd have like, but with maybe some of these time consuming projects out of the way i'll make some progress. enjoyed celebrating kathy's birthday (way late) here and a trip to this bakery to try out see what they had, they make a wonderful italian cream cake. this will be a very busy evening week with meetings at church, and the usual "chores" that will need to be done. thinking i need a vacation from the vacation now!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

a fine old time

am enjoying my time off, and have gotten a lot of stuff accomplished. clearing up the desk, watching the birds, snow, quilt club---a few photos of the latest happenings. had a great time at the choir party, and a fabulous low-country boil at charlie and lynette's. the knitting isn't going as fast as i'd like, but i'm working a little bit on each project. can't believe how cold it is! I think I"ve got another 120 hours left-if i don't turn into a popsicle first!

Friday, January 16, 2009

144 hours.

jack bowers has 24 hours to save the country-i have 216 hours (less 72 hours for sleeping) to conquor "my world" of knitting, quilting, organizing, stamping/journaling/photo albums, sorting and donating, cooking, boys clothes shopping, some time with friends, and maybe a bit of "relaxing". thinking of doing a week in a life journal like mary's and ali's. of course, i have a very organized list, complete with time scheduling of what i hope to get accomplished, and i've made a promise to myself to NOT start anything new until the WIPs are done!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

my door.

feel a photo journal opportunity for 2009. i've always been fascinated by doors, especially when visiting places like charleston, savannah, london and new york. and since i put myself out there with this post-here's a good place to start. here's my front door, i love it, a clear view of the outside, some houses in the neighborhood have a door similar to this, but many of them cover it up-wonder what they're hiding?! i hope to welcome many people through this door during this year.

Friday, January 9, 2009

meant to be.

here's supporting documentation for my "word" for 2009-came across these in the recent Harper's Bazaar magazine-it was meant to be!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

feeling fabulous. .

audrey hepburn fabulous-my bargain jacket, picture doesn't do it justice, but i felt absolutely fabulous in this jacket today, with my black pants and ballet flats- i think she'd be proud!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

doors and shoes

our pastor gave an interesting sermon on sunday- doors and shoes-think about the doors that have been opened or closed during your lifetime [opportunities, triumphs, tragedies, disappointments, etc.], and the kinds of shoes you've worn-are they comfy, pinch your toes, make you feel fabulous, a rash purchase [now they're in the back of your closet?] -so that leads me to ask the question what kinds of doors and shoes do you want to encounter in 2009:

doors that are-
(re)-opened to friends/family- old and new; i've already had a taste of this when karen opened her door to mary and i for a wonderful afternoon.
opened to new opportunities and experiences
closed to negativity
opened-to refreshing and renewal of mind, body and soul

shoes that are-
♥very comfy and make you feel restful
♥some that are maybe a bit tight, but put you outside of your comfort zone to discover something you might not have otherwise noticed?
♥a pair that bring out something hidden inside of you-a new challenge-learn a new skill
♥ a pair with real high heels that make you feel tall and proud
♥ a pair that will take you on a wonderful journey

something to think about-i'm leaning towards an all of the above! maybe you can pull out that pair you haven't worn in a while-who knows what you'll find.

Monday, January 5, 2009

with a twist

i decided in order to keep the goals/resolution i set for 2009, i would need not a word, but a prefix- so this year it is i'm doing something a bit different.

RE: meaning again or new- this prefix makes some great action words:


the list is endless, -i'm looking forward to mary's word for the year experience -2009 is going to be great!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

hello 2009

a lot to look forward to this year- a few trips, time with family and friends, and fine tuning the knitting and quilting skills. looking back over 2008 i think i was a little less stressed out than in previous years, visited new places, returned to some, accomplished most of what i set out to do, maintained my health and weight, learned to quilt, saw gas prices soar and fall, a very interesting election, loss of family, and renewing of family ties, some new friends, steady employment, and much more if i thought more about it.

for 2009 i hope to:
continue with my health and weight, knitting, quilting, and gardening
learn to bake bread and pasta
spend more time with family
help others with my resources
use up bits and pieces i have laying about the house
spend less
listen more
stay organized and try to say "no" more often