Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New Project?

Saw this on SpinKnit maybe for the yarn from New Mexico? Great for cool evenings, or chilly indoor A/C? Also, saw where Brooklyn Tweed has been busy. I'm assuming this is yarn he has spun. Gorgeous- especially if you're like me and you're really into color. His photography is so awesome too. I'm inspired by his Hemlock Ring Blanket feature just below the latest blog-wow!

Monday, August 27, 2007

An unexpected surprise

On Friday, i had gotten an email saying a package was being sent UPS from NHAC, it's a government program thingy, don't ask! Boy was i surprised when this arrived!

A few months ago I had helped C. with a project for NHAC, and because she heard about my yarn obsession. She picked this gorgeous yarn up while she was traveling in New Mexico this summer! She must have been traveling with V. from NHAC as she signed the card as well, and mentioned that these colors reminder her of the sand layers in the desert. Wow, do I incorporate this into the travel blanket or save it for something special?

Friday, August 24, 2007

Stashing it . . .

I was doing such a good job rambling on about what I wanted to blog--then whamo, somehow, someway, my blog posting went off into lala land, despite being saved a few times during the composition-- so *&%$#@- I feel much better, so onto what I wanted (did) to "say"

Since soccer practice was cancelled due to the "severe weather", what's that all about? I was able to do errands about 30 minutes earlier; which freed me up to head down to the basement for some more craft area organization-

Upon my return from the various locals I set the embroidery machine to stitching hats Mr. K wanted, I had about 8 to do, so one is in the machine, and one is framed up, and waiting---

While that's going I dove into organizing my stash, trying to make the storage cabinet a little bit neater, armed with 1 gallon, 2 gallon, 2.5 gallon and XL bags (didn't use these), I was ready----after attacking a couple bags, I had to change out hats- Andrew was finishing up he "summer" reading project that was due on Friday, procrastination, such a terrible habit. He sat in the big chair while I milled about.

Here's the sorted stash- I can tell you where every ball of yarn came from with the exception of the one below. Here's the stats on the stash

23 Total bags of yarn:
16--(&+"hearts"+;contains yarn purchased with a specific project in mind
1--contains a finished project waiting to be frogged
1--contains leftover baby blanket yarn to be used for an Elizabeth Zimmerman Surprise Jacket, once I find the pattern

1--contains odd sorts that could be used for embellishments of some sort of is what was I thinking yarn.
1--contains yarn purchased recently to be added to the travel blanket
1--contains yarn that is categorized as one ball wonders- loved the color, and once I decide what I want to knit, I'll go on-line and order the sufficient amount--call me crazy.
1--contains a fairs isle "sweater" that will be come the world's most expensive pillow, that story will be worthy of a blog posting on its own
1--contains a baby yarn that has been given to Mom to use for the Busy Hands Ministry- a great new thing started at our church to help reach out to the community by providing, knitted, crocheted, and quilted items to people in need. Once the establish a PM group I'll be involved in this, it will be tons of fun, and a great time for fellowship, and an excuse to put aside other things and knit- what could be better?!

Mystery yarn, I think Mom brought this back from her 05 trip to the UK, I love it and would like a project suggestion. Anyone?
Here is my sock, I made one and started another, so I know I can do this, why can't I get a big girl sock done?! Have handed this off to Mom for her Busy hands thingy.

Looking forward to indexing and collecting patterns for these projects, and despite the 23 bags, I still need more yarn, and thanks to the Rogovins and Skip, I have a nice chunk to spend at Knitch on the 19th- can't wait!!!


PS Mary I think I messed up on the html "hearts!"

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Exploding Box

I cam across this blog
What do you think?

Happy Birthday Grandma!

Hello, and here are a few words from the boys wishing you all the best on your special day!

Andrew says: happiest birthday wishes
hope you are doing great

PJ says: hey grandma,

i wanted to wish you a very happy birthday. i hope it is your best day of the year.


Enjoy your day, and Steve had the gift idea! Much love from Georgia

Monday, August 20, 2007

Take Me out to the Ball game

Here we are ready to go- 6 teens and 2 adults- glad it was a short drive to Rome, GA to see the ball game. Attendees from our group, Joey, Danielle, and Amelia in the middle seat, PJ, Andrew, and Ryan in the very back, I'm driving and Steve is riding shotgun-

Let's stay together ya'll

We had great seats on the 3rd base line

The stadium, if you've never been there- notice the temp? It dropped to a frigid 91 by the time we left around 10!

Yes, I hosted my own "stitch and pitch", made great progress on my sweater

The Tangerine Twist watches the game, this sweater really gets a round!

Scenes from the stands, there were approximately 100 people from our church in attendance, does that count as a church service, the Pastor was there as well!!???

"My boys", PJ, Ryan and Andrew

The rest of the group- had hoped for autographs at the end of the game, but it was time to go!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Girls Night at the Spotted Dog

Here we are at the Spotted Dog on the corner of Peachtree and North Avenue. It is the #11 fire station from the early days. Didn't want to stand in front of the bar for photos-that whole looking like a tourist thing- ya know- a great shot of the lovely British phone box, minus the phone--pay phone what's that?

Of course I had to bring my knitting, and the Union Jack bag felt very much at home,

I learned that I can't knit, carry-on a one-on-one conversation, and drink beer all at the same time! Now if all I have to do was nod my head, and make a small comment every now and then, that would be different. I tried, doesn't work, and will now have to take all that I did manage to knit, out- can you say rippit! ?
Anyway, the bag and knitting made a good show, the burger was fab, and the Coronas (light with limes) were refreshing. Steve picked me up right on time- and away we went.

Look forward to an opportunity to when we can actually sit outside, and watch the world go by--

Here are the girls, me on the left, just barely, Nichole doing the long arm shot, and Carol Ann on the end, no she did not have too much to drink, but I thought the photo was too cute (and goofy) to delete!


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

One more celebration

The last of the birthday meals

Mr. K and Lt. took me to the Greek restaurant near our office. It was yummy good, especially the big piece of baklava. Didn't get a picture of the lunch itself, but I had the Beeftekia, yum!, with Greek "fries"-- had enough leftover for lunch tomorrow!! Mr. K and Lt both had the Moussaka, kinda like lasagna except potatoes instead of noodles--had a bite, it was very good. We also shared a plate of Spanakopita. Will try to make the Moussaka, I think the family would enjoy it, and it would be one of those easy heat and eat leftover things!

Tried to work in the basement, but the dust is awful, did re-arrange the drafting table, and will plan to get down there again later in the week to finish up.

Gotta re-do my dish cloth for the Yarn Harlot, think I did something wrong way at the beginning- plan to have my own Stitch and Pitch at the Rome Braves this weekend- maybe I'll have some joiners?!

Monday, August 13, 2007

More blog sightings

I'm enjoying going back and reading through some blogs, earlier posts and such- that I found over the last few weeks, rather "spur of the moment" searching, there are some really interesting people out there, who not only enjoy the fibre arts- knitting, spinning, weaving, dyeing, etc., but have interesting lives and are very talented- This whole blog thing is pretty awesome. Here's someone who lives on a farm, and someone who lives in Brooklyn. There's even a Knitting-A-Long site, I'll have to hunt that one down--what a fun way to connect with people around the world!

A Ravelry update, yes, I became a joiner like Mary, I'm # 24645, there are 613 people behind me and 15638 ahead- I guess I'd better get organized!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Some cute knitting blogs

This is more of a test than anything else. Mary, I think I've got it!

Trying to figure out how to make the links within the blog postings cutier. Here's one done by a lady in Kent, I love her surprise jacket.

Here's another one I enjoyed, and another from Canada, brilliant knitting.

The Glorious 12th . . .

Not only is it the traditional opening day for hunting season in England, Yes, that's what they actually call the 12th of August. BUT--- it's my birthday! Yea, another year older (hopefully wiser). No big plans, just no cooking, some knitting, couple glasses of wine, etc. etc. --

here's some photos from the day.

Lunch at Macaroni Grill, one of my favorite places. A different waiter sang Happy Birthday in Italian.

At home more birthday cake complete with the "39" candles

Notice anything different about PJ from earlier in the day?

Some blowwy horn things

My gifts- yes that's me sitting on top of the big hunking urn I have been wanting for ages. Unfortunately it will probably remain empty until Labor Day Weekend, when I plan to dig up these bushes, and put tons of flowers in this area for year round color! Portmeirian vases from Mom, and the newest Brad Paisley CD (as well as the urn) from Steve and the boys- thank you- just what I wanted! Gift card from one of my favorite shops, didn't they do a beautiful job on the bow?!- thanks Mom

My birthday cards, and the bottle of Ramsay I bought back in January at the Oak Barrel Wine Store in Acworth I've been saving it for something special--seemed like the perfect occasion --

I managed to work on the Tangerine Twist- still making progress--

watched some Food Network--

--last few minutes of Throwdown with Bobby Flay
--Dinner Impossible- for the awards ceremony after the National Spelling Bee- I love this show
--Ace of Cakes-- Scrabble Board! Gum ball machine! and a gigantic Slot machine! all cakes and way cool-
Am planning to get back upstairs for more knitting and Food Network!!!

I was also serenaded by our Sunday School class led by our teacher, Robert Jones, in a resounding "Happy Birthday". A really great day overall that was celebrated over several days- also a nice way to end the summer before school starts back -TOMORROW!!!!
Thanks to everyone for making the day special


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Weekend Frolics

As usual we had a weekend packed with activities, but this time they started on Thursday-

traditional birthday celebration, at Rancho Grande-
the usual suspects in attendance, and we stayed much too late to compete in the team trivia- Team "Sheffield of Dreams" came in second place! yea! lots of fun

and I got some cool birthday goodies from the in-laws. Used the bowl, from Karen's crew on Friday, and have some ideas for using the card at Knitch, from the Rogovins. The spoon, love it! note cards and note pads from Polly and Roy--one can never have too much to write on-THANK YOU ALL!!!

Was able to get caught up with Katie and see some of her photos from her wonderful Grand Tour of Europe! Totally admired Mary's (nearly finished) sock- cotton with a bit of elastic- it was worthy of a photo, another lost photo op-loved it!

Karen and Ron, Megan (in from the UK) and Jillian. Sara, Mary, and Paula, Steve and my boys were also there just not in the photo!

Mr. K and Doreen got me a yummy chocolate chocolate and more chocolate cake.

Balloon has sports stuff on it cause I got the boys! I thought was very cool

Friday night we had a 3 couples from church for a cook out, burgers and chicken on the grill, pasta salad, potato salad (Iowa style?), and Italian cream cake from Gabrielle's bakery (yumm!). No photos but the food was fab. We had a wonderful time with the Curtis', Campbell's and Jones'.

Saturday- well- I thought I didn't have much to do, but wound up by going to--

Michaels, Wachovia, Kohl's, Target, Home Depot, Barb's (pick up framing), Publix, dropping the Alero off at Goodyear (must be a serious repair job- they still have it!). Back home, cooking --meatloaf, scallop chowder, mashed potatoes, and slicing cheese (for Mom's evening plans). All in prep for dinner this coming week.

Saturday afternoon- spent about 4 hours at the clubhouse and pool for the 3rd annual "Welcome to the Neighborhood" party, gobs of fun chatting with neighbors, although it was way too hot, started to cool off after about 7:30. Thinking next year, maybe START the party at 7 instead of 4.

some of the kids

Looking forward to doing tons of knitting tomorrow (I hope), and getting the boys ready for school on Monday- and of course, a birthday blob posting.


Thursday, August 9, 2007

Copper Sink???? Way Cool

My boss is in the process of re-doing his kitchen, we've been discussing the plans 'cause he knows how important a kitchen it to me. Well, he had to go and tell me about the copper sink his wife decided to put in- love it-- here's the website.


Watch out Steve- I'm sold on this one- would love to know how durable this thing is--

I was really sold on the gorgeous copper tub that the website shows when it first comes up- so Pride and Prejudice! Mr. Darcy come wash my back!!!

pictures taken from THe Copper Sinks Direct website

HHS. . High school . HOT. . . Six Flags

School Dayz are coming, last day for week day fun,

of course, I had to pick the HOTTEST DAY IN ATLANTA!!

100 degrees, code red smog alert---

First up freshman orientation at Harrison High School (HHS) Aconyms- that's what happens when you work with the feds--but I digress.

Here's a view from our seats,

there will be 2700 students this year, oh my gosh!!! However, the boys are re-zoned for Allatoona High next year, soooooo. . . . we're not getting too comfortable, if you know what I mean.

Here's some lovely art work in the gym- Go hoyas! I always thought a Hoya was another name for a bulldog- but nooooo- a hoya is a wall or bush, they just decided to call the mascot a hoya, howa bout that?!!?

The I'm too cool for my mom look, or is it that the okay mom I'm already humiliated since you're the only parent out of about 500 who is trying to take a picture of the school through the car window, because you're too much of a dingy to stand in the parking lot to take a picture- look.
After orientation- a visit to the trailers, oh, I'm sorry, they aren't trailers- they are "cottages", and they are not in a trailer park, but are stationed in an organized manner called a "learning community!". I'm sorry if it has wheels, lights, and you spend any amount of time there, it's a trailer for pete's sake---

Finally made it Six Flags- I again stayed in the shade, and let the boys do what they do--

Here's Andrew with Daffy Duck---- notice the requisite Union Jack bag!

Andrew with Sylvester and Tweety----awwww

Andrew is helping me show you that the Tangerine Twist visited Six Flags- the Goliath entrance as seen from below. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong thanks to the designer getting right back to me--love the internet thing. She's working on more patterns, apparently there's not too much difference in our sizes, so I hope she'll have something soon that's for the winter.

Here's a look at how the TT is shaping up, really an easy knit once you know what you're doing.

Yes, I'm bored, here are my toes and flip flops.

Six Flags is a "cool" place to do some people watching. I am always amazed at what people will go out in public wearing- Glamour magazine needs to come here and do a special---

Maybe we should all walk around in Saran Wrap then nothing will be left to the imagination---- Anyway, I saw some real doozies, and probably shouldn't discuss fashion do's and don'ts, but believe me this was tame compared to some things I saw. Oh yea, BTW if I ever buy a baseball had with Bugs Bunny ears and walk around in public, my children have permission to shoot me on sight-- saw a couple of those too!!!

Photo on the top-Not too bad--nice cover up on the right, shorts that are the right size. Should have a cover up on the left, ladies don't put your girls on display- please--the one in the middle doing okay, shorts fit, top not too skimpy, right size, etc.---- Photo on the bottom- if you have to hold your pants up with your hands while you're walking they are the wrong size- get a belt for crying out loud!!!!! What'd you do smuggle in your cousins into the park in those things- puhlease!! I don't know if his companion should even be discussed.

That was how we spent out HHS day- too hot, I was grimey and gross by the time I got home, but it was FOR THE KIDS! I do love them so- I finished a book and got some knitting done- so there you go--- now it's verrrrry late,