Friday, February 1, 2013

currents on a friday.

celebrating's FRIDAY!!!

hoping for a productive and relaxing weekend-can the 2 co-exist together?  i MUST get caught up on my sewing projects. i want to make some skirts to take on vacation this summer. i've done a pattern, just need to move forward on this.

planning yummy "party" food for friday, and sunday. my knitting for the weekend in asheville. along with details for new york city, massachusett, and vermont. from the photo above, my "to do" list is growng. a skype call with pj tonight.

cycling- not much due to the weather, have been taking walks when i can, and i got an indoor bike trainer this week, so i'll be able to start riding inside which will be AWESOME!

enjoying the re-reading of the Chronological Bible, and making general notes. also, the time in the kitchen with andrew. and right now the beautiful blue sky, even if it's frigid outside.

reading the paris wife, and the horse and his boy (i keep this at work on my desk)..

knitting the corinthian cowl in cream and brown, and featherweight cardigan in teal.  plan to cast on a hat this weekend, and frog an old sweater so i can re-use the yarn for another sweater.

watching getting caught up on season 4 of breaking bad, am staying caught up on downton abbey, am hoping sunday's episode is not as sad, and i need to watch the next season of whitechapel.

listening nothing, but i need to get pandora cranking

eating a mid-morning snack of mixed nuts and dried cranberries from trader joe's

drinking coffee

wearing jeans, black t-shirt, my peasy sweater, knit socks (that don't really match, but are keeping my feet toasty), and clogs.

wondering where the heck february came from?!

what's current with you.