Tuesday, October 14, 2014

10 (wonderful) things I did this weekend

Carole's prompt was one that was easy enough since I had a long visit with my in-laws. I'll have to add a photo on Wednesday. . .

10. Watched college football (a lot!)
 9. Ate some great food
 8. Watched professional baseball, I haven't done that in a long time
 7. Watched professional football (notice a pattern?!)
 6. Did a lot of knitting- I brought plenty to do and some frogging
 5. Went on several walks, I think I did close to 20 miles in 4 days
 4. Played zilch
 3. Drank some good wine
 2. Did some reading-am half way through the current Outlander series
 1. Spent time with 2 wonderful people
ETA photo
Hope everyone else had a pleasant weekend

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday-Does this count?

I'm still working on the parabola, sommer sleeveless tank and aperture along with the socks.  There was not by way of knitting this past weekend, but I plan to do lots while I'm at my in-laws.  I also have 4 sweaters to frog.  My next project that is in the wings is the Kaffe [Rowan] Pure Wool Worsted KAL.  I had hoped to have already cast on for the first square, but that hasn't happened yet.  I have the yarn, needles and instructions, so I'm close enough for posting purposes [right!] :-)  Now if I could count all the knitting I've done in my head . . .