Tuesday, March 26, 2013


celebrating ...getting things off my "to-do" list. this past weekend i was super productive, project life week 12-done, i made all the cards i need between now and the end of may, and tackled one of the biggest lingering projects.  i completed and ordered 3 photoboos (photo is of the first one arrived yesterday in the mail-LOVE it!), and i uploaded photos for the final two.  shutterfly makes these so easy, i've used premiere in the past, and was just so cumbersome. perhaps that's what was really my hold up in getting these finished.  books include paris, new orleans, rosemary beach, north carolina, and 4 work trips which i put into one album. i also finished the blocks i need for quilt day in june which included 100 4 patch, and 100 snowballs (squares with 2 1/2" in squares sewn on each corner, which means i had to cut 400 2 1/2" squares-yikes!). i have 2 large blocks to complete by june, but really for me that means April 15! hope to finish those this weekend. i'd say this alone is worth opening a bottle of champagne!

hoping for a sunny sunday morning, a warm sunny sunday morning would be really awesome.

planning all kinds of stuff-mostly food stuff for saturday and sunday. of course, this time of year, i'm always planning AND acting so that i don't get behind.

cycling- still sticking to riding inside, probably until april, it's been so easy to spend and 1 1/2 hour in the comfort of the basement AND watching shows on my ipad.

enjoying spending time in the kitchen with andrew

reading the greater journey: americans in paris.

knitting a lace shawl for katie's wedding, i have a pair of socks cast on, and the tulip tote.

watching vikings, walking dead, the bible, ripper street, and trying to find whitechapel on on-demand. looking forward to madmen and breaking bad starting again.

listening the heating vent at my desk, and co-workers down the hall.

eating oatmeal and granola for breakfast.

drinking coffee

wearing black skirt, black tights and shoes, and new silk floral print blouse from white house black market

wondering about the weather, what dessert to fix for easter dinner, what the fall is going to be like when andrew heads off to college.

what's current with you.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Project Life Week 11 and a lesson

here's week 11, i'm thrilled that the page was done AND a blog post right at the end of the week. you can tell from the single page layout that it was a very uneventful week. we had beautiful weather, and steve and i were able to get out for a bike ride.  it had been 8 weeks since the last time i was on the road, and was surprised that i was able to complete 20 miles at my normal pace. this week we ate lots of veggies, the veggie soup from tuesday, and for quilt club i made a veggie lasagna which i forgot to document, but it was really good, and i'm looking forward to leftovers.  also, steve, kathy and i are registered as a group for the peachtree road race, not sure if we'll get a number, but this is the first step. (i included the lottery confirmation), we are the acworth ambush! looking forward to steve joining us this year. sophie also got groomed, and i'll explain the "lesson learned" on that one.

sorry, it won't rotate
a couple things i've added are the monthly menus that i create, essentially i put on the calendar any evening or weekend activities and print it out, then i pencil in my dinner plans.  i try to do the whole month, but sometimes i only get 2 weeks at a time done, and i have to work my way through.  i've been doing this for about 10 years (+/-) since it allows me to plan means for those evenings when we need something quick.  when the boys were playing baseball, it was not unusual for me to pack a picnic basket and eat our dinner at the ball field.  i have a feeling that when andrew leaves for school this will be used mostly on the weekends.  it also really helps with the grocery shopping and cooking enough stuff to carry over into another meal. i thought it would be fun to include this in the PL album, as i normally just throw it away.  on the other side is my weekly 52 lists that i get each week from mooreaseal.   i'm getting better collecting bits to add, like this article

it's about the bizarre blizzard of 1993, i had hoped to find this is the printed newspaper, but instead i had to print it out.  i recounted our experience on the back side as this was the year i was pregnant with pj, and we were stuck in the blue ridge mountains with no heat or electricity for several days, not fun on a regular day, but even less so when there are 3 pregnant women! i thought is was a timely addition to the album. now to the lesson-sophie spent 3 hours with the groomer the other night. i knew sophie had high maintenance hair, but it was until this grooming session that it was fully explained to me how high maintenance it was. she MUST be brushed/combed every day, when she is washed she has to be blown dry and BRUSHED! she has the equivalent to very very curly human hair, and the idea is that it needs to be straightened in order to be manageable. sophie's aunt mary i'm sure can relate! so, hopefully we'll be able to keep this style going, and maybe a tad shorter during the summer.  i wish i'd taken a photo of the amount of hair that was cut off.  the groomer uses both clippers and scissors to complete the grooming-wow, i had no idea, but i do now!


Sunday, March 10, 2013


in a word that pretty much sums up the close of week 10. i found an awesome dress for katie's wedding, along with another dress for the shower and rehearsal dinner and a couple new tops to get me through the other may events that are on the calendar. it always feels great to find the perfect outfit in my size!

also, i'm all caught up with project life-here's week 10 (over the last couple weeks i've been working on weeks 5-10), love how it's coming together, but know there are some techniques i'll implement at some point.  i've also completed several small knitting projects and FINALLY got the photographs up on ravelry. next up are 2 shawls that i hope to have finished to wear with the new dresses. i've found simple patterns, so it's definitely doable.
it was also great getting back onto the bike and riding in the sunshine (and 16 mph wind), many complain about the time change, but it's going to allow for more biking riding and taking sophie to the day park since these "venues"are dependent on sunrise and sunset.  this next week won't be jammed packed with activites, but i'm looking forward to just "being"for now.

Friday, March 1, 2013

catching up.

wow, didn't realize that my last post was february 1. i certainly hope to be doing better than that, but oh well. i never thought taking a long weekend away would have put me so far behind, but alas, it did.  now i'm caught up with what i'll call the betty draper duties-yes, i'm officially on the mad men bandwagon, and LOVING it! i don't like to let the household duties go for too long, and now i'm caught up with all that STUFF (laundry, house cleaning, groceries shopping, running errands, picking up dry cleaning, blah, blah, blah (thank goodness andrew was on hand to help with a lot of these "chores"). you can see from this week's page in my calendar there has been a lot marked off, but a lot left to do. most of what's left are what i'd like to call the the june harris duties-you know the FUN stuff-project life (weeks 5-9-yikes!) album, knitting (which i'm doing quite a bit of!), sewing, watching tv, riding the bike, etc.  i also need to spend some time on my computer-i-tunes, uploading photos, and taking care of some administrative stuff. i'm always writing down a book title, menu ideas, etc. that i want to be sure to move to my permanent folder. that's what i plan to do beginning when i get home tonight until 8 pm on sunday. then i'll be (i hope) completely-CAUGHT UP.  hopefully i'll have a chance to do a knitting update too.   next week's looking MUCH easier!