Friday, March 1, 2013

catching up.

wow, didn't realize that my last post was february 1. i certainly hope to be doing better than that, but oh well. i never thought taking a long weekend away would have put me so far behind, but alas, it did.  now i'm caught up with what i'll call the betty draper duties-yes, i'm officially on the mad men bandwagon, and LOVING it! i don't like to let the household duties go for too long, and now i'm caught up with all that STUFF (laundry, house cleaning, groceries shopping, running errands, picking up dry cleaning, blah, blah, blah (thank goodness andrew was on hand to help with a lot of these "chores"). you can see from this week's page in my calendar there has been a lot marked off, but a lot left to do. most of what's left are what i'd like to call the the june harris duties-you know the FUN stuff-project life (weeks 5-9-yikes!) album, knitting (which i'm doing quite a bit of!), sewing, watching tv, riding the bike, etc.  i also need to spend some time on my computer-i-tunes, uploading photos, and taking care of some administrative stuff. i'm always writing down a book title, menu ideas, etc. that i want to be sure to move to my permanent folder. that's what i plan to do beginning when i get home tonight until 8 pm on sunday. then i'll be (i hope) completely-CAUGHT UP.  hopefully i'll have a chance to do a knitting update too.   next week's looking MUCH easier!

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Mary said...

I love your next week! but joan harris doesn't sound too bad for the weekend. happy friday!