Sunday, January 24, 2010

inspired to.

cook. the february issue of bon appetit is full of wonderful recipes to try. here's my list
~easy chicken masala (i love indian food)
~celery root & apple salad with hazelnut vinaigrette
~ham artichoke & potato gratin
~cream tart with oranges, honey & toasted almond crust
~top tier devil's food cake with sour cream fudge frosting
~mushroom and leek soup with parsley dumplings
i've already made the cheddar, bacon and chive biscuits-amazing.

also inspired to knit. toys and baby hats. got these two books (thanks to excellent coupons), and now that i've done the very hard part of the winter mystery shawl 08 (yes clues 3-5 done this past week!) i'm looking forward to some small projects. alana recommended these books and did an interview with the author. i'm confident that if alana can knit these things quickly with a toddler running around i should be able to handle anything in these books.
journal. the art calendar polly and roy gave me for christmas has a quote on one side and a piece of art on the other. i really just noticed that the other day, but one quote that caught me was "if there were dreams to sell, what would you buy?" thomas lovell beddoes. maybe i'll be able to draw on these for inspirations. also mary's recommendation of sunday scribblings. i hope to get journaling soon.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

limits & chocolate.

i've given a lot of thought about what i want to do over this year's winter staycation. i think i planned to much last year, and was left with a list of things i didn't get to. i love having this time off when i don't have to add holiday activities and it's just some r&r (or at least my version of r&r). i've limited my "to do" list to just one page of my journal-what's in purple are things i have to do, and in orange is what i'd really like to accomplish or at least make good head way on, and the green is my reminder that i shouldn't get too lazy and forget to exercise. we'll see how i do. last week i spotted a new bakery near my office-bakeshop (it replaced gold star bakery in midtown), and this morning i picked up some bread, a chocolate-almond croissant, and a flourless chocolate tart (in the picture), shared both sweets with my boss, so as to limit the guilt, and they both were soooo good. i'll definitely have to limit my visits! also, i'm looking for some inspiring blogs that give journal prompts, so if you have any suggestions. . .

Sunday, January 10, 2010

goals for 2010.

what does a pot of tomato sauce have to do with goals, glad you asked. i've thought about what resolutions or goals i wanted to set for 2010 here's what i've come up with-

~diet and exercise-maintain my exercise routine and improve my diet. i made drastic changes 5 years ago, and want to do even better now. i've decided that i wanted 80-85% of my food to come in it's own packaging-i'm hoping to limit the 15-20% to dried pastas, canned or dried beans, rice, risotto, etc. so i'll be making more of my own sauces (above) and such which will take more time, but think it will be worth it-especially the homemade desserts!
~knit at least 3 sweaters, and 10 items for charity, would love to make some hat to hand out to the homeless near my office.
~lunch out with a friend 6 times
~do 12 acts of kindness to complete strangers
~pray more
~listen more
~be a bit more patient
~improve my sewing skills: learn to make aprons and simple, fun cottony skirts for summer
~visit at least 1 new city
~learn to properly finish a sweater
~refrain from buying yarn until august unless i'm traveling or can get more than 20% off.
quite a list, oh yea i'll be helping pj getting into collage, teaching andrew how to drive. so hopefully i can do an update around june to see how things are going

Saturday, January 9, 2010

a well deserved reward.

a busy "get stuff done" kinda day. i was grateful that i didn't have anywhere i needed to go today as the weather was definitely a good reason to be indoors, so i . .

~had a great workout
~updated podcasts on my i-pod: cognitive, knitmore girls, the anatomy of knitting, and electric sheep
~listened to several episodes of electric sheep (nearly caught up)
~sewed in the seams and the buttons on the nordique swing (it's done, and it didn't get the best of me)
~updated my stash page on ravelry (photos and information) it was fun seeing stuff i bought over the summer.
~gathered together the photos to do a collage on the a couple walls in the basement (to be part of my stacation plans)
~made ina's seafood stock for shrimp bisque on monday
~chopped veggies for bisque and tomato sauce (for lasagna on wednesday) and green salad for tomorrow's potluck after church
~fixed a wonderful dinner of loaded mashed potatoes and pork tenderloin
~homemade buttermilk pancakes for breakfast (what a huge taste difference)
~did 4 loads of laundry
~chatted with friends on facebook
~did some thinking about what i want to accomplish on my stacation (more on that later)
~drank my fair share of coffee and water
~watch LOTS of law and order (svu marathon)

soooo, i treated myself to a glass of dessert wine (local winery-ga blueberry-yumm) and some knitting--hey i earned it right, am swatching for this project (the last one on the right) to do for the ravelympics, and yea, more law and order! stay warm people

Sunday, January 3, 2010

A video update

here's another one-hopefully not too cheesy, but you can certainly see the progress that's been made, still more to do, but the area is inhabitable which is great. the video gives you better views than i think pictures would, so enjoy!