Sunday, January 24, 2010

inspired to.

cook. the february issue of bon appetit is full of wonderful recipes to try. here's my list
~easy chicken masala (i love indian food)
~celery root & apple salad with hazelnut vinaigrette
~ham artichoke & potato gratin
~cream tart with oranges, honey & toasted almond crust
~top tier devil's food cake with sour cream fudge frosting
~mushroom and leek soup with parsley dumplings
i've already made the cheddar, bacon and chive biscuits-amazing.

also inspired to knit. toys and baby hats. got these two books (thanks to excellent coupons), and now that i've done the very hard part of the winter mystery shawl 08 (yes clues 3-5 done this past week!) i'm looking forward to some small projects. alana recommended these books and did an interview with the author. i'm confident that if alana can knit these things quickly with a toddler running around i should be able to handle anything in these books.
journal. the art calendar polly and roy gave me for christmas has a quote on one side and a piece of art on the other. i really just noticed that the other day, but one quote that caught me was "if there were dreams to sell, what would you buy?" thomas lovell beddoes. maybe i'll be able to draw on these for inspirations. also mary's recommendation of sunday scribblings. i hope to get journaling soon.


mary said...

looks like the staycation was a huge success! I find time away from the routine makes for much inspiration!! February BA arrived late last week and I'm looking forward to diving in (did get through December and January this weekend and tore out a few recipes to try). As for the knitting - so glad you like Never Not Knitting's podcast!! cannot wait to see what you make from those books! (good baby gifts are an art - and hand knitted is just special - the combo must be truly awesome!)

Karen Siddiqi said...

Hi, there! I just stumbled on your blog and see that you love Indian, too! In fact, my husband is Indian and over the summer, my mother-in-law spent an entire day teaching me how to cook several Indian dishes. If you cruise over to my blog at and then click on the "Recipes" link in the top menu bar (just above the most recent post), you'll navigate to all my recipes...there's a whole section dedicated to the Indian food that my MIL and I cook together. I'll be adding more just as soon as I have her teach me more :). Enjoy!