Tuesday, September 25, 2007

gratitude journal entry #1

While reading one of my Upper Room Devotionals, the writer mentioned that she had a daily gratitude journal in which she wrote down things she was grateful for- it made a tremendous difference in her day and perspective. . . . consider this the first of many entries, but not daily! ♥♥

*good health
*family who are like friends
*friends who are like family
*my church family
*ability to knit

*the wonderful helpful ladies at Knitch- who even remembered Mary and I, and saw our picture on the YH blog!
*access to great health care
*my four mile walk this morning
*my job
*my brain
*my children
*a country where I'm free
*my faith, and my church
*good food
*my house
*the birds I see at the feeder from the family room and breakfast nook

many many other things, but need to save something for next time.


photo from this website- Jean-Francois Millet, The Knitting Lesson, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Time for stuff I enjoy. . . .

After I left Karen's on Friday's I stopped by Starbucks so I could do a preview my latest purchase- the Vogue Ultimate Sock Book, I got from Barnes and Noble- yum~~~ I am so going to do this!!

On Sunday, finally got some time to go through the magazines that have piled up. Still need to have a read through Bon Appetit and Gourmet. Didn't get to do any knitting, but made a few cards for this week's birthdays.

While I was at Karen's she loaned me these books!

I had to move the Water for Elephants and My Life in France to the bottom, some great reads in store- Maisie Dobbs, Alexander McCall Smith's latest, and the Maltese Falcon, among others, thanks Karen.

Haven't done anything interesting cooking wise- but I did manage to create this lovely dish. Pan seared chicken in shallot tarragon butter- left over from the Shallot-Tarragon butter roasted chicken with a mushroom cream sauce (just a little cream). Very tasty!!!

Social Hour

Okay, so Friday and Saturday included a jam packed list of activities, what else is new.

On Friday, we got together for a special project for a special person. Again, here's Mary's post, this is so easy.

Here's my photo of "the box".

Can't wait to put the "finishing touches in November.
Of course, along with making this project, it was great fun spending time with Mary and Karen, at Karen's including some "gourmet" snacks, and great wine. Lots of laughs-- look forward to doing this again.

Saturday, had to get up extra early so I could get my walk in before the neighborhood yard sale.
Rewind for a sec - - - -

I had to work part of the day on Friday, which meant that Mom, Donna and Barry maintained order,

SO on----- Saturday I stepped in so Mom could sleep in a bit. We didn't make a much money, and I only got enough for 1/2 a shrug (one Mary and I saw at Knitch), but we did get rid of a bunch of "LITTLE" stuff, and managed to turn the 11:00 hour into Happy Hour. Barry makes a MEAN Bloody Mary, and I've never really had a taste for them. He is the official BM maker in my book! I brought over the left over cheeses from Wednesday and Friday.

We know how to do it right in our neighborhood!

Later that day, Debbie Campbell and Lynette Fisher came over for knitting lessons courtesy of Gina Kurtzeborn.

Lynette gets the whole cast-on thing! yea Lynette. Debbie and Jean observe Gina demo how to pick up dropped stitches- a must for ALL knitters. Gina also showed Mom and I how the 2 circular needle sock thing works- will definately try this! I will conquer those little **&%%$.

The ladies had a great time, and later on the guys joined us for lasagna, pinot grigio and chianti. Our next meeting will be on the 27th.

Again, another great weekend with family and friends.


Ya'll come back now ya' hear!

Wow, hard to believe that the Yarn Harlot has come and gone. She was fabulous fun, and I think Mary agrees it was worth the long wait to have our books signed. I think the YH was fairly impressed with our city. Scroll down the YH posting, Mary and I are forever memorialized in the archives of the Yarn Harlot's blog- how cool is that!!!!???

It's great having Mary to blog with, so I can tag her sight, she took different photos, and had a great posting of our "picnic". In the words of Scarlett O'Hara- I'm sure they were pea green with envy!!.

Here's some of the photos I got. Yes, Sara, oh observant one, that's a LOT of knitters!!

photos just prior to the YH appearance

My row mate, he had on a gorgeous vest that his wife had done, that was multi-colored, she had on a beautiful shawl, and he was knitting. My photo isn't great, a bit out of focus, what a cool guy to show his support for his mate!

Here's Mary back at Knitch getting her book signed. . . say "yarn!"

I think she was actually excited to get her dish clothes, Mary and I each did one, mine purple and Mary's, peach- get it? Georgia peaches??

Anyway, despite the fact that I got very little sleep after this event, it was totally worth it. I've figured out there are 3 kinds of knitters:

♥ those that knit and have NEVER heard of the Yarn Harlot, gasp, I know.
♥ those who have read her books, but have not read her blog, they are so missing out!
♥ those, like Mary and I, who daily stalk her blog anticipating the next enlightened posting!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Eegads--Naked Sheep

I didn't know they looked like this, see the 9/14-15 posting and isn't the hat adorable from Knitty- I think this issue is going to be off the charts.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Soccer, Soiree, and Sensational BBQ

What a fabulous weekend, the sun was shining and a cool breeze blowing. Andrew had a noon soccer game, and PJ and Steve helped with the Men of the Church BBQ sale . So we were going in multiple directions. The sale was to help with raising funds for our building campaign. We bought BBQ for Sunday's lunch, and it was yummy good------ look foward to this being a annual event.

PJ does what he can to draw in the customers, and here are some of the men making plates to sell.

At the soccer field . Andrew's team won 3-2, they played a great offensive game, and had a couple attempts at a goal that they should have nailed, but missed, more importantly a good clean game by both teams.

these boys can never keep their shoes tied!!!!

Andrew #2, part of the action, was amazed how good the camera zoomed into the action.

after game celebratory huddle, Andrew is right in the center.

After the game we headed home to finish getting the house and food ready for Mom's Lions and Eagles get together. This is a group of ex-pats from the UK, they are couples that have married someone either american or british, or vice versa, or singles who are from the UK, etc. as long as their is a close british connection- a lot of the ladies are from the DBE group, and they are always gobs of fun.

here's Mom and her friend Kitty-- I think we had about 20 people at the house- quite a showing, and with the weather so nice outside many were able to enjoy the back deck.

Steve, Andrew and i headed to La Cochina for Mexican and margarittas, and then to Starbucks before we headed home for Steve to watch the GT game.

PJ went bowling- he filled in for one of the young adults. our church has a non-sanctioned league that is on it's fifth year (I think).

We really had a fun weekend with friends--nothing spectacular- but fun none the less

Friday, September 14, 2007

Weather Forcast----

Send a blizzard, the new Fall Knitty is awesome, I want to do like everything--too cute ! I saw this pattern, and it was discussed on the Nautical Knitter's blog. Maybe there is yarn in my stash already for this, or perhaps I can finish up my Knitch gift card without going over too much-!!!!!!????? Hey Mom, how about a Knitch or Only Ewe gift card for Christmas???

Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Swatching I will go, a swatching I will go. . .

Here's my swatch for the mystery stole. It's a bit wompyjawed, but that's okay. I did several rows, and I'm pretty happy with using the #4 needles, and the yarn. Which I think was more the point of the swatch. Definitely don't think I'd go with anything finer or fuzzier, nor would I go up in needle size. I figure this is the first, of what I'm sure will be many KAL's, and I only have less than $20 invested in the yarn and beads. The photo definitely doesn't show the color, as appears here. Bon chance to everyone doing the KAL---Here's to happy knitting.

oh yea, I think I'll do some work on the first pair of socks. . .

The S" Word

No not that S word. . This "S" word- SALE!

When I got notification that Vera Bradley was bringing its Outlet Sale to Atlanta, I marked my calendar. Today I joined in the insanity!! Women scurrying with cell phones in hand -- credit cards flying. First sale I've ever been to that posted a spending limit-- $2,000 that's a lot of bags! There were women dragging bags and boxes full of retired patterns, retired styles, and some of the new patterns. Babies crying-- men hoping no one recognized them---

the stuff

the check out line

Bargains galore. Police everywhere- also hoping no one finds out about this assignment. Not for the faint at heart trust me----This sale is going on through Saturday, so you too can join in the insanity. I got some cool stuff, but I'm now showing cause some of them are Christmas gifts (sshhhh!!!).

Another reason why I love my job, I can slip away for something like this with no worries (since I have the time built up time, and a very understanding boss who doesn't ask questions- [he has a wife who is currently remodeling the kitchen- smart man in my book!]

Of course, I managed to get lost on the way back, and I took more "lunch" time than I had planned, ooops.

See post below

I messed up big time, my yarn post is "Praying for Snow" below, I guess because I started it on Monday, but didn't post until this morning!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ya ever have days like this?

I know the feeling, how about you?

photo courtesy of www.garfield.com

Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekend Reminiscing

Lots of stuff for the weekend as usual. I picked up A Killer Stitch, book #4 on Wednesday, and finished it up on Saturday am- nothing like being able to read in bed before you start the day. Enjoyed a little sleeping in as I finished my 6 miles on Labor Day. Really liked this one, and it's been neat seeing the characters develop during the series. The "suspect" was the least obvious-----

We also had our first soccer game. Andrew moved up to an older age group, and he is also playing on a bigger field, with a longer game time- 90 minutes. The downside to the whole thing was that it was 85+ degrees, a lot cooler than it has been, but NO SHADE!!!. Andrew is to the right of the adult in the white shirt. I hope to have better pictures during the season, but all the action was on that side of the field, so no close-ups :-( We lost, but it was just the first game- The Storm will return!

Not sure where Andrew is in this photo

Here's a photo of the team from the Spring, we have all but 3 of the boys on the fall team. Not sure which one's they are in the photo- some soccer mom I am!. Kevin is on the left, and his side kick ?? is on the right.

Hoping for a better showing next game- whenever that is, we haven't even gotten a game schedule yet.

This isn't all we did this weekend. Mom and I made a trip to this shop, for the first time. There were tons of ladies working on various projects, and a couple classes going on. Mary called while we were there, and we just missed her. I got yarn for the mystery stole and the boys hats. On Sunday we met up with Mary at Only Ewe, where we had a devil of a time with the stole yarn trying to wind it. More photos from the knitting expeditions later. Loved Only Ewe, and will be back. Mom and I also stopped by Impressive Ideas to use Mom's gift certificate, and then I went to Knitch on Monday- I know, more yarn, I can't help myself-is that a record 3 yarn shops in 3 days?!.

Ga Tech 2-0, UGA 1-1- yea!


Praying for Snow

I'm not praying for snow because its so bleeming hot! even though it is,

[I wonder if the Yarn Harlot is aware of how warm it stays down here?!]

But because of ALL THIS YARN

mind you this isn't out of my current stash, but recently purchased yarn. I know, go ahead and shake your head, I couldn't resist. Best of all -- I used a gift card from Mary and her family, as well as, a Visa gift card I got from a co-worker, so really, my yarn purchases cost me very little.
Here's how the shopping spree went--

Saturday, Mom and I payed a visit to Whole Nine Yarns in Woodstock. I have never been there, so this was our chance to check it out. I mentioned in this post, that there were tons of ladies here. Typical for most Saturdays, I'm sure. There was a beginners class, sock class, and a group gathered together knitting away.

Here I bought: blue yarn for Mystery Stole, the beads I got at The Bead Bug, in the same building as Only Ewe.

Other yarns I got were the yellow and black for Andrew's hat, and PJ's will have black and gray, this project.

and some longer needles for - this project

"Moss" sweater from Jo Sharp's Gatherings: Book One I love how this pattern looks. And it's been surprisingly easy to do, especially now that I have the longer needles- huge difference.

Sunday, we went to Mary's favorite LYS, Only Ewe and Cotton Too. Mom and I have declared this to be ours as well. Such a cool place, and open on Sunday's, so fits into my schedule!

Here's Mom working on the world's largest sock, it was heading out to NY later that day, so she had great fun while Mary and I struggled with the stole yarn trying to get it wound- uugh!
I got the bright colored yarn seen above for my second pair of socks, granted I haven't done the first pair yet! Oh well, LOVE the colors- so spicy.

Close-up of the stole and hat yarn, except I exchanged the gold for more yellowy, per Andrew's request.

Off to Knitch on Monday . . . the gift card was beginning to burn a whole in my pocket by this point--
I got this yarn and pattern- love it.

Mary, I think this is the exact pattern that the lady had done in the green Cascade we admired on Sunday. What's fabulous about this pattern is it gives you the yardage so that you can use something as light as lace yarn, or as heavy as DK worsted!

Can't wait to get started, really on all of this stuff, we'll see what this weekend's schedule will allow. The swatch for the mystery stole is about finished up.

I still have a bit left on the Knitch card, so I might save it for some yummy cashmere blend to do a little something with.

So considering all this new yarn + all the stashed yarn- yea, I'm praying for snow! If we get it really bad, I could spend time making cards!!!!


Tuesday, September 4, 2007

I "heart" Garfield

As a teenager, I loved Garfield, and his cute "cousin" Nermal, I had the requisite Garfield clinging to my car window with suction cups like the "Baby on Board" sign, and a plush Nermal I bought when I worked in the toy department at Sears. The AJC had a few Garfield strips that totally went [sort of] with the knitting thing- seems like everyone is getting on board- here are a few from the Garfield website.

Monday, September 3, 2007


Tons of stuff I wanted to get done this weekend, and I think I did nearly everything based on this list
This tree needed to come down, and once we began looking at it we realized that 2 large limbs of the cherry tree also needed to be cut as it was reaching all the way into Mark and Jennifer's yard. Didn't get photos of this, but according to Mark, the squirrels were using the branches as a "freeway"! Hated to lose the privacy, but want to make the most of the cherry tree's new growth-

the after photo, maybe Mark can get into this side gate! Thinking of putting a Japanese maple here, I love how they look in the fall.

Next up, we I mean Steve, I just carried almost all of the limbs from the tree cutting to the back yarn, so need a photo of that- goes to show that regular exercise is good for you- carried some seriously big limbs back there all by my little old self!!!!

used the chain saw to cut down the holly bushes, felt a twinge of uncertainty on this one-think I'd like something taller considering the space, just wasn't feeling the love for the holly shrubs- plan to put tons of flowers here, and something in the container on or before Thanksgiving!!! Steve looks at this as bare, I look at it as a blank canvas-

Next up, we needed a place to put the lawn mover and gas cans as it tends to stink up the basement after PJ cuts the grass. We also want to use the area across from my craft area as a "hang out" area, so we got this at Home Depot, and PJ and Steve set to work putting it together. It's perfect for the area, and for what we wanted it for- I love Rubbermaid! It's so neat and tidy

I got to spend Labor Day enjoying the day off, spent several hours on the deck, having coffee, knitting, and watching the sun rise. I didn't get to knit myself silly, but I managed to sort through some patterns, and pull out some ideas for using up my stash. The boys actually agreed to let me knit them something- so they are getting one of these- PJ wants black with a gray band, and Andrew wants black with a gold band. I've already whined to Mary about trying to get the Tangerine Twist finished. I'm putting it aside to try to get my head around what I keep doing wrong. Following what Mary has told me I'm on the right page- it's just not getting to the needles. I did the gauge, and began working on the Moss from Jo Sharp Book #1 in natural.

Spent some time at the pool, and did some reading. The pool guy told us the pool may remain open til October 1st! Whoo hoo- some more time to enjoy the water. Finished Birds of a Feather, loved it!

Got caught up on making cards for the week, a few birthday, a sympathy, and a get well. All in all I feel like a got the most out of my weekend.

I got a surprise this afternoon when Steve attempted to clean the grill he found some corroded parts, so now we have a new grill--

I'm the official grill queen at our house- loving this new toy! 3 racks of ribs (cut in half) and 8 turkey sausages- yea baby!

Looking forward to 5 days in October with the Columbus Day, so hopefully I'll have some projects under my belt. Lots of stuff planned, and it looks like a soccer game will happen this weekend. Found the current Gourmet in a stack of mail, so I think I'll have a look-