Wednesday, December 31, 2008

quiet moments

i've been up for a few hours and am on my 3rd cup of coffee, i've done a bit of bike riding, knitting, blog reading, email checking, and ate the last piece of gingerbread biscotti that sara made. i love this time of day when everyone is still asleep. have some fun stuff planned before i go back to work, and plan to pack christmas away either on sunday, or during the week-not a rush for once. i'm looking forward to 2009 and plan to reflect back of 2008. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

Monday, December 29, 2008

gadget girl

i love gadgets, i don't really care what makes them work, only that they do for me what i want them to. i asked for a blackberry for christmas, so i could talk with my computer more when i'm away from home. when steve told me to look at both the blackberry AND the i-phone i did a little happy dance! like the artwork?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

i did my part. . .

to stimulate the economy-errands and shopping at some of my favorite stores yesterday, did a couple returns, took advantage of harry's 20% off to stock up--some real bargains-harolds which is going out of business had some great deals-splurged on the starbucks stainless press, since i broke my glass one, and figured another glass one was NOT a good idea! i took this photo, the wreath with the balls of yarn, i wonder what they'll do with these after christmas?

and was thrilled that my beret actually did look okay, you know, once i washed my hair and did something with myself!

Friday, December 26, 2008

christmas reflections

so many things this year that could not be captured in a photo, but are etched in my mind for this christmas nonetheless-


our traditional meal and the christmas crackers, we wore our paper crowns while enjoying the homemade cookies.

christmas eve service- such a different feeling that at other times, and wow, while our family was reading the advent, the see of over 300 people at 11:00 pm was amazing!

serving communion to the same mass of people, and wondering if there would be enough cups so everyone could participate-there were only about 4 or 5 after everyone was served.

hearing buster barton sing o holy night, for the final time-he's retiring, after 33 christmas eve services at our church-so glad we were able to be part of that.


sleeping in really late- so unusual for me.

spending the day just hanging out, watching movies, knitting, we had one person to drop by for a quick chat, eating whenever-whatever. a lot of family time.

opening gifts, and knowing that the boys really loved the ga tech fleece blankets i made for them -so often hand made gifts are not appreciate-and am glad i was able to keep these a secret.
andrew building with his new k'nex set- i think this really sums up the idea that your never really too old - especially if you love the moment you are in whether it is just an ordinary day or a special time like christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

on the 12th day of Christmas

it is difficult you see-

i can't think of twelve things to list!

but i've got 7 work days off, but 11 days counting weekends

all the gifts are bought and wrapped
all the cookies made

3 christmas movies were watched

no cards were mailed

7 post holiday activities planned
1 family gathering ( enjoyed)
christmas eve main course fixed
you know all the rest, and i'm looking normal after surgery
wishing you all a merry christmas--i think i started this whole thing a day early, oh well, it was fun anyway!

on the 11th day of Christmas

we gathered at joyce's to play and

celebrate mei's birthday!

9 kids (not 11- darn) celebrated mei's birthday by deocrating gingerbread houses, and joyce went all out with at least 11 kinds of candy/embellishments:

gumdrops, m&ms, skittles, smarties, peeps, sugar babies, starbursts, peppermints, cinnamon red hots, licorce ropes-much more. pizza cake and ice cream to put us into a sugar coma! it was great fun, joyce, kathy, brenda and i worked on our quilts while the kids well-look at the after photo


10 reasons it was a great family gathering

9 things accomplished

8 pairs of shoes

7 christmas cards

6 reasons to be blessed

5 to do lists

4 christmas shoppers

3 family recipes

lunching with 2 friends

a a nearly normal forehead

Monday, December 22, 2008

on the 10th day of Christmas

i gathered with my family

my top ten list of what made the day soooo great!
♥ the family of course, so great to have everyone together, i treasure these times.
♥ the gift getting- i got exactly what i wanted, and a wonderful unexpected surprise.
♥the food-lots of yummies, cheese wafers, cheese dip, ham and swiss rolls, veggies and bean dip and the cranberry-cornmeal quick bread made by sara- wow girl-very very good!
♥ the cookies- traditional family recipes and some new additions
♥ watching christmas vacation
♥ the laughter
♥ wine and hot buttered rum
♥ gift giving
♥ help from mary on my beret-thanks sooo much!
♥ making plans to get together again after christmas

here's a cicio girl picture-the other one's i took were not good, thanks mary for posting so quickly!

9 things accomplished

8 pairs of shoes

7+ christmas cards

6 reasons to be blessed

5 to do lists

4 christmas shoppers

3 family recipes

lunch with 2 friends

and a nearly normal eye following surgery

Saturday, December 20, 2008

on the 9th day of christmas

christmas day is so very close, so it's a good thing i got . . .

9 things accomplished!

cookies baked, food for sunday, laundry, watched holiday inn, assembled gift baskets and cookie tins, looked at christmas lights, took my first self portrait, took a nap, and i completed a hat, IN ONE DAY!

i am modeling danielle's hat, yarn is from lotus knits BA yarn club- colorway mulled wine, and using the yarn harlots unoriginal hat pattern-super easy

Friday, December 19, 2008

on the 8th day of Christmas

i did a little shopping

8 new pairs of shoes! i have a really good business plan/rationale for buying, i promise!

aren't the purple one's divine? they'll be my special occasion shoes for sure

7 (really lots more) christmas cards

6 reasons to be blessed

5 "to do" lists

4 christmas shoppers

3 family recipes

2 friends for lunch

and a healing head following surgery

Thursday, December 18, 2008

on the 7th day of Christmas

my friends and family sent to me. . .
lots of Christmas cards
i'm starting to feel guilty since i wasn't going to send any this year, maybe a mid-year card instead- we'll see

6 reasons to be grateful
5 to do list
4 christmas shoppers
3 family cookies recipes
lunch with 2 friends
and no stitches left in my forehead

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

on the 6th day of Christmas. .

i'm blessed and grateful you see . . .

i've got family, friends, a job, my health, my faith, and a home


5 "to do" lists
4 christmas shopppers
3 family recipes
2 friends for lunch
and now no stitches after surgery

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

on the 5th day of Christmas

i'm frantic as can be . .

i've got 5, yes 5 "to do" lists-i feel like charlie brown!

4 christmas shoppers

3 family recipes

lunching with 2 friends

an a healing head following surgery

Monday, December 15, 2008

on the 4th day of christmas

we're rushing to and fro. . .
4 christmas shoppers enjoying dinner at johnny rockets- but no jillian

3 family recipes

lunching with 2 friends

and a healing head/eye following surgery

Sunday, December 14, 2008

on the 3rd day of Christmas

my in-laws gave to me...
three family recipes (traditional cookies)
toffee squares, pastry bon bons, and spritz- have been baking the spritz for about 19 years now! we also made oatmeal with cranberries and dark chocolate, lemon sugar, and chcolate sandwich with pepermint cream.

Lunch with 2 friends

and yea- the swollen eye following my mohs surgery

Saturday, December 13, 2008

on the 2nd day of christmas

how lucky am i to be. . lunching with 2 friends

and an eye still swollen 3 days after my mohs surgery-

seriously, a wonderful lunch at waterstone grill.

Friday, December 12, 2008

on the 1st day of christmas

my dermotologist gave to me ONE swollen eye 2 days after my mohs surgery!

Happy Friday anyway!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

crazy but true

it's saturday and i'm sitting on the couch, knitting andrew's hat (pj's is done), and i'm watching foodnetwork and this cooking diva- this is very rare indeed, and i'm loving it. will have the musical in a couple hours, a lot of work has gone into this program, can't wait to see it and everyone in costume.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

domesticity redefined.

when i saw this book i did a bit of a double take, then when i read a review here, one of my new favorite blogs, i knew i had to had it to my library. toss in the special extra 40% off coupon for members at barnes and noble, and it is now on my desk and is a delight to read. all the things i enjoy are included cooking, quilting, knitting, etc. brocket eloquently shows the difference between domestic and domesticity for today's woman- i'm soooo there, and i'm loving this book. oh yea, don't forget to read the intro- really sets the tone for the book.

Monday, December 1, 2008

done and nearly.

done with the gift stole-am always amazed at how lovely lace blocks-very different from the blob you have while knitting. will NOT be knitting lace again that has alpaca- way too sticky,

nearly done-christmas tree and decorations-will be putting out a few more things, have decided that i don't have to have everything out!

done with the mystery socks, missed the cut-off for getting into the drawing by a day, but oh well, love the yarn, the pattern, and the fit!

nearly done with pj's hat-no photo yet- so nice to have some things marked off my "to do" and projects list, this week will be quite maddening, so enjoy this week, and hope you are productive as well.