Monday, December 22, 2008

on the 10th day of Christmas

i gathered with my family

my top ten list of what made the day soooo great!
♥ the family of course, so great to have everyone together, i treasure these times.
♥ the gift getting- i got exactly what i wanted, and a wonderful unexpected surprise.
♥the food-lots of yummies, cheese wafers, cheese dip, ham and swiss rolls, veggies and bean dip and the cranberry-cornmeal quick bread made by sara- wow girl-very very good!
♥ the cookies- traditional family recipes and some new additions
♥ watching christmas vacation
♥ the laughter
♥ wine and hot buttered rum
♥ gift giving
♥ help from mary on my beret-thanks sooo much!
♥ making plans to get together again after christmas

here's a cicio girl picture-the other one's i took were not good, thanks mary for posting so quickly!

9 things accomplished

8 pairs of shoes

7+ christmas cards

6 reasons to be blessed

5 to do lists

4 christmas shoppers

3 family recipes

lunch with 2 friends

and a nearly normal eye following surgery

1 comment:

mary said...

isn't it fun when it's hard to think of what to even populate on the top 10 list?! :-) we had a ball and I'm looking forward to seeing that beret all done!