Wednesday, September 30, 2009

short listed.

i made the short list for using this photo-independence hall in philadelphia. now i know how mary feels to have someone you're not related to seeing your pictures. well i've got to finish packing for hilton head-soooo looking forward to the next 4.5 days, and am planning my "staycation" the following week. i could get spoiled with this!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

it's not central park.

but it was the best i could do. had plans on thursday to meet keri for dinner, and was also able to fit in a very nice walk around midtown which included a trip through piedmont park. it was a beautiful afternoon. after a quick shower at the office as it was a tad bit warm at 4:30. we had dinner here-good food, wine and company. always fun to get caught up. made plans to get together again next month. got a chuckle when keri took her heels off for the photo, i still have mine on!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

same lake next day

lake allatoona after the water finally stopped coming down, still very high, but at least it's not the white water rapids shown yesterday. no school tomorrow, as a lot of the roads to the west and southwest of us are still underwater, a well-traveled bridge between county line and mars hill road is gone. and i'm sure there are others that need to be tested as well. my drive into town and home were fairly easy. i am very grateful that we have faired as well as we did.

Monday, September 21, 2009


here's a couple photos taken from highway 92 today on the way home:
lake allatoona-hard to believe that a year ago it was down to about nothing.
lake acworth-not the best shot, but definitely higher than it normally should be
got home to find that the water issue we discovered yesterday-that caused a small flood, indeed can lead to a bigger flood. am grateful that there wasn't anymore water than what we had inside.
other things i'm grateful for today:
~i was able to leave work early to get home
~the boys made it home from school to the fitzpatricks then home safely-lots of roads underwater in our area
~when we moved we invested in a ton of storage containers, and have reused them for storage, thus making the actual loss minimal and relegated to a few things that were stored in cardboard
~i had dinner already prepared-heat and eat (one less thing to worry about)
~we had not installed any flooring into the new finished part of the basement, so we only had a few rugs that need to be dried out, other than that it's just drying concrete-making clean up much easier.
we'll see what overnight and tomorrow brings.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

some assembling required.

seems like there is a lot of that going on, enjoyed quilt club last night, we were productive and enjoyed some good eats, and finalized plans for hilton head. (l-r brenda, joyce, me and kathy)
millefiori is blocked and ready for finishing and the button bands, hope to have this finished today, love love the color, and look forward to getting buttons in nyc in november.
basement update, a couple other photos are on flickr. here's where the new plumbing meets with the old, lots of pipes and assembling with this home improvement project! most of the sheetrock is in, and the ceiling and doors will be next.
steve works on the pocket door for the bathroom.
finally, not to leave andrew out- he's "assembling" pasta salad for the church picnic tomorrow. he's making his favorite-suddenly salad- bacon ranch.
it's a wet and soggy saturday, think i'll go get started assembling my cardigan!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

hi-tech update

thought i'd do my basement update a little differentlythis week. i ran out of memory just as i was getting ready to enter the cedar closet where i have stashed all my yarn, so that'll explain the sudden ending. the basement project is moving along, will be glad when it's finished -we've got tons of fine dust that somehow keeps making it upstairs!

hope everyone is having a great weekend.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

morning commute

i wasn't sure about crossing the newly opened 14th street bridge, cause like i told steve, when the city of atlanta completes a project ahead of schedule, you gotta proceed with caution. so anyway this morning (this was taken at about 6:45) here i am getting ready to make a left over the bridge- the columns are really cool and they are located at intervals across the bridge. there is also some really pretty iron work on the bridge instead of the ordinary chain link fencing, that has a leaf motif on it, very pretty- green light,

blue light- i was impressed with my "night-time" photography- the pillars also turn red, and i think yellow, can't remember. very pretty.

Monday, September 7, 2009

stranger in the backyard.

we have no idea who planted this, or what it is, but isn't it lovely. anyone in blogland that knows what this plant is let us know-we'd like some more.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


proposed craft area, doesn't seem like much as been done, but we are making progress.
one of the biggest hold ups has been the plumbing in the bathroom, some "adjustments" are being made, andrew enjoyed using the jack hammer to "help" the contractors out!
steve is putting together the bottom row of cabinets (from previous post), steve loves ikea. the door fronts have bead boarding on the doors, and we'll go with brushed nickle looking handles.

a knitting update, finally got through clue #2 of 6 on the Winter secret stole. the pinning isn't the best, or exactly in line with it's true shape, but you get the general idea.
hopefully by friday the photos will show more progress.