Sunday, September 6, 2009


proposed craft area, doesn't seem like much as been done, but we are making progress.
one of the biggest hold ups has been the plumbing in the bathroom, some "adjustments" are being made, andrew enjoyed using the jack hammer to "help" the contractors out!
steve is putting together the bottom row of cabinets (from previous post), steve loves ikea. the door fronts have bead boarding on the doors, and we'll go with brushed nickle looking handles.

a knitting update, finally got through clue #2 of 6 on the Winter secret stole. the pinning isn't the best, or exactly in line with it's true shape, but you get the general idea.
hopefully by friday the photos will show more progress.

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mary said...

wow! great to see the pictures after hearing you describe it all. and I think the secret stole is looking beautiful!!