Monday, February 28, 2011

monday moment: difference of 32 degrees.

i blogged a similar photo in december-at 64 degrees this morning the fountain is flowing and the pansies are beautiful--even at 6:00 in the morning. i also love how the very modern building behind 1st church of christian science (located at 15th and peachtree). not only do i prefer walking first thing in the morning to get it over with, but i enjoy the early morning downtown streets and the way the buildings are lit up.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


andrew got a cooking lesson for a christmas gift and today we went to Thai Peppers/Mt. Fuji steakhouse in marietta to redeem it. i got to sit with a glass of wine and my knitting and observe. the teacher was very friendly and andrew's only classmate ida was delightful to talk to. i also got to sample the dishes and they were really good. there are plans to take another class at some point, maybe to make sushi-am thinking i probably won't be trying any of THAT. it was a great way to spend a sunday afternoon.

spring rolls with hoison/peanut dipping sauce

chicken coconut soup (very spicey, but tasty)

2 kinds of curry-just the right amount of spicy LOTS of flavor

photos is the greatest of the dish since we were inside, but it was very good.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

culinary creativity

andrew and i splurged on a new cookbook crazy about cookies, we rationalize this purchase by deciding that it wasn't a cookbook cookbook (of which we have plenty), but a cookie cookbook of which we have none! so of course, andrew wanted to try a recipe immediately and decided on the peanut butter cookies. we were worried that we'd be short on the shortening (haha get it?), however the REAL crisis was when we realized we were about a full cup short of PEANUT BUTTER. we had a couple options 1) wait and make them sunday after we'd bought more peanut butter (we'd already measured the dry ingredients), 2) check with steve to see if the huge jar of peanut butter we sent to work with him during snowcropolis was still in his car (negative on that one), 3) see if we still had that jar of nutella in the pantry (a negative on that one too), however what we did have was a jar of dry roasted-lightly salted peanuts- well when life hands you peanuts-you make.....

peanut butter-throw in the nuts, put it on high speed, and once everything is really smushed, add just a drizzle of canola oil so that you don't lose the consistency needed for the cookies.  then you get some pretty awesome cookies, we also threw in a handful of chocolate chips just for kicks and giggles.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

10 favorite non-knitting blogs

most of my blogs are those recommended by mary-which include several knitting, but a few others.  i totally love google reader (another mary recommendation) which keeps me up to date on the updates, and all my favorites in one location. i was worried that i might not have 10 non-knitting related blogs-turns out that's NOT a problem, and these are in no special order- so here's my list and there are some duplicates from mary's list (as usual)

1. Lysa Terkeurst-very inspirational-almost every post has something to "say" to me
2. Little Brown Pen-photography in paris
3. Post in Paris-the how to's for an american living (or visiting) Paris
4. Culinary Memoirs of a Soulful College Girl-a great way to be inspired by food and i love sara's writing style-
5. Leite's Culinaira-food inspiration and awesome giveaways-i'm hoping to win several things-the pasta machine would be REALLY great.
6. 6th Borougher-katie's blog-easy way to keep in touch with what she's up to
7. Ann Mah-a foodie living in paris
8. Bits & Pieces-digital scrap booking inspiration
9. Ali Edwards- ditto of above
10. What I wore today-this blog is authored by my cousin's daughter who lives in london and is all about the latest fashion craze and happenings there. she has developed quite the following since beginning the blog a year ago.

Monday, February 14, 2011

monday moment: promise of spring

have passed this shrub on my walks at lunch-last week there were just buds-today one had burst forth-am thinking it's a camelia? so pretty.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

san antonio-a review

san antonio is definitely a place i'd like to visit again. the photo shows what i really LOVED about my trip. i can't wait to get another pair (soon I hope), i wore these home cause they wouldn't fit in my suitecase, and they really were comfortable, so they might be going with me to Paris.  the rest of the photos are on flickr. i also took some video at the rodeo, but am not sure if they're going to upload, so we'll see.  anyway here's my thoughts on SA,T:
~the city is VERY clean
~you can walk wherever you want to go, or take a very short cab ride (or use the bus)
~the food-that was a mixed bag- casa rio-was good, cafe ole'-just okay, "Q"-was awesome, i had for lunch beef brisket tacos, and a mixed green salad with citrus vinegarette and skirt steak. i went back for dinner, and had the chicken quesadilla and banana pudding w/brittle. the dessert was just okay, a too big portion and not well presented, but the rest was awesome. also we had lunch at schilo's which is a german delicatessean that dates back to 1917. 
~a learning experience-i learned that there has been a large number of germans who have been in the area for several decades (late 1880s)- hence the deli, and of course the alamo is nearby,and i'm glad i paid a visit, it was interesting and well preserved, then there is la villita was once san antonios first neighborhoods-and is now an cluster of shops that have art work by local artist, a lot of it quite good-too bad i was flying home!
~a cultural experience for sure-the rodeo was the most fun i've had in awhile. it was cool seeing the animals, and watching the rodeo events, i really got a feel for the heart of the american west. raising livestock and playing the rodeo circuit is something these folks take serious-still.
another "cultural" experience as the Hotel Havana-i had to change hotels for a night, i still don't know what to make of this place, it seemed cheesey, quaint, full of character, and unique all rolled into one. it's the first hotel i've been too that had a front porch where i spent a few hours knitting and enjoying the bottle of wine i had bought on tuesday. it was a very clean hotel, just kinda quirky, i'd go back to it if i had a chance.
i didn't include any links, but if any clarification is needed, i'm sure my "readers" will not hestitate to ask. the only other thing i could say is that if you have a chance to go-then go!
i'm glad i had a chance to combine work with a mini-vacation.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oscar Favorites.

this weeks 10 for Tuesday brings back fond memories.  i think today's films areoften lacking in real star quality. there are actor/actresses that i always enjoy seeing, but many movies aren't worth the cost of the ticket. even the special effects can get a bit unrealistic and -eeh. anyway, here's my list-i could add many many more-especially some of the "oldies".

#1-Rocky-my ALL time favorite-this the first movie i remember seeing at the theatre, and i also go the soundtrack for my birthday.  when i was in philadelphia a couple years ago i ran up the museum steps-something i have always wanted to do.
#2 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
#3 Arthur
#4 The Godfather
#5 Forest Gump
#6 Gone with the Wind
#7 Goldfinger
#8 Dirty Dancing
#9 Untouchables
#10 The Wizard of Oz

photo found at this website:

Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday moment.packing (important stuff)

okay, so not the best photo-am getting my stuff together for san antonio-thanks to ravelry, i think i'll finally get chart 3 of the orchid thief shawlette figured out. this will be my hotel room knitting, i've got a sock-zigzag socks from the ultimate sock knitting book-to work on while i'm at the conference-and the linen stitch scarf for my airport/plane knitting. of course, the kindle is going along for the plane ride as well. i plan to report how much i actually get accomplished. am looking forward to visiting a new city and eating LOTS of tex-mex.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

les macarons

bon appetit declared that the macaroon and the whoopie pie were over taking the allure of the cupcake. while i love cupcakes dearly-i do enjoy a good whoopie pie.  since bon appetit provided a macaroon recipe to substantiate this claim i decided to put whisk to bowl and give them a try.  they are interesting to say the least.  while these are not hard to make, they do require extra equipment and time.  i'm looking forward to trying the real thing so i'll have something to compare these too. i love how the cream filling is firm and the blackberry filling compliments the almond flavor of the cookie. i do plan to try the whoopie pie recipe which is a chocolate "pie" with mint filling (i LOVE this combination!) expect a full report on those!

Saturday, February 5, 2011


since i had the ingredients, time and an empty cookie jar i decided we needed homemade cookies-thursday i made a batch of chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies using the recipe from the ghiradelli chocolate chip bag and they were (are) yummy-crispy edges and soft center. the family was VERY happy with these.
another home made item-i finally finished sewing down the hems for the trina-i LOVE the yarn, malabrigo twist very warm and gives me the jacket-y feel i was wanting, however; the pattern is just "okay"-easy to knit, but not spectacular. am a bit disappointed with how the decreases on the back looked "pulled" even though the knitting has an even look, it's a good fit and i made the body just a bit longer than the pattern stated.  i plan to forgo the buttons which are more for decoration as the designer uses snaps to close the jacket. i like how the shawl pen looks for keeping it closed, and if i can also wear the collar open and folded down.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

10 for Tuesday-nightstand and a thing for books.

10 for Tuesday prompt- so right now on my night stand i've got:

1- alarm clock- an absolute must
2- ear plugs-i can't fall asleep without them
3- eye glasses-for those rare times when i might be watching tv before bed after the contacts have come out.
4- quilted coaster-made by my wonderful friend Kathy
5- stack of notes and pen-for those middle of the night ideas that MUST be written down
6- box of kleenex
7- telephone-i don't keep my cell phone by my bed cause i know i'll leave it at home when i leave for work
8- books and magazines to help plan for our trip to paris
9- lamp-this was once a seafoam green lamp that i spray painted antique gold-i do love it.
10-kindle and more books-in the middle of reading- Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury, Nevada Barr's Winter Study, Diane Gabaldon's Echo in the Bone, and Alexander McCall Smith's The Charming Quirks of Others.  Waiting to read-Julie Hyzy-State of the Onion, Alexander McCall Smith's Courduroy Mansion.