Saturday, February 5, 2011


since i had the ingredients, time and an empty cookie jar i decided we needed homemade cookies-thursday i made a batch of chocolate chip and macadamia nut cookies using the recipe from the ghiradelli chocolate chip bag and they were (are) yummy-crispy edges and soft center. the family was VERY happy with these.
another home made item-i finally finished sewing down the hems for the trina-i LOVE the yarn, malabrigo twist very warm and gives me the jacket-y feel i was wanting, however; the pattern is just "okay"-easy to knit, but not spectacular. am a bit disappointed with how the decreases on the back looked "pulled" even though the knitting has an even look, it's a good fit and i made the body just a bit longer than the pattern stated.  i plan to forgo the buttons which are more for decoration as the designer uses snaps to close the jacket. i like how the shawl pen looks for keeping it closed, and if i can also wear the collar open and folded down.


Mary said...

chocolate cookies.yummm. a finished sweater. yay! I think it looks great - pretty colors and I love the way you've closed it...february is all about pretty hearts, no?!

Beth said...

Your sweater turned out great and it looks so nice on you! And those cookies look delicious!

Crystal Gammon said...

I love the sweater!