Sunday, February 6, 2011

les macarons

bon appetit declared that the macaroon and the whoopie pie were over taking the allure of the cupcake. while i love cupcakes dearly-i do enjoy a good whoopie pie.  since bon appetit provided a macaroon recipe to substantiate this claim i decided to put whisk to bowl and give them a try.  they are interesting to say the least.  while these are not hard to make, they do require extra equipment and time.  i'm looking forward to trying the real thing so i'll have something to compare these too. i love how the cream filling is firm and the blackberry filling compliments the almond flavor of the cookie. i do plan to try the whoopie pie recipe which is a chocolate "pie" with mint filling (i LOVE this combination!) expect a full report on those!


Sara said...

I hear the macarons in Paris are fabulous!

Mary said...

yes, macarons in Paris are fabulous! but the ones you made look delicious, too!!

Beth said...

Oh, those look so good! I'm getting hungry now.