Wednesday, August 27, 2008

more about "her"

poor soul brought over from germany as an orphan, and then unceremoniously abandoned by her first love- she was without a country or family languishing about in the georgia heat until we took her home. i had to remind steve to speed up! on the way to work this morning- going under the speed limit while fiddling with the radio-

veronica is a BMW 325i, [link is an example]: steve think's her name is too long- i told him to call her "v"-she is fun fun fun. . .so far!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


meet steve's new girlfriend- veronica-

okay, so i'm the one who names cars in the family, but i think it is very fitting. what a fabulous car to drive. we had the avalon for about 36 hours and steve decided it "wasn't him". loved test driving this, and look forward to getting to drive it-every now and then! i fully expect this relationship to last a looooooooooong time.

andrew also picked out his first car.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

happy birthday polly

wishing you a very happy day! thank you for all you've done for me and my family. here's to celebrating many many more

Friday, August 22, 2008


no photos for this post. will definately have a pictorial update after labor day. the word for the last 10 days has been FOCUS as it relates to projects at home some seems like they are NEVER going to end
moss sweater- literally 18 in (or less) of total sleeve length to go (doing moss stitch on #4's) a bit tedious-
loose nut socks- decided to take karen's advise and try smaller needles, am down to #0 circulars, but have not re-cast on yet, those socks were going to be HUGE!
another baby blanket finished and delivered-am taking a few days break before i start the next one-a great bus riding project.
favorite socks #2- needed an easy pattern to take to the rome braves last week, so yes, i've cast on another pair of socks from the interview knits favorite socks book.
scarf for my secret sister- have frogged an re-started with a different pattern as i was getting no where fast, so new pattern is one that is more portable and socially friendly, should definately have this done before december
♥sorted through lots of old paper that has now been tossed, all office/school supplies corraled in one area
♥all knitting and quilting patterns that were downloaded off the internet are now in sheet protectors and in notebooks with dividers. the sock patterns are in a binder all to themselves-didn't know i had printed off soooo many patterns.
♥one quilt top finished- hope to finish-finish the quilt by sunday, it's a surprise so no photos until after labor day
re-planted herbs and other plants that were in containers, but needed new homes, moved some stuff around, and am trying to keep the garden tidy which has been a chore, but am looking forward to fall- need to put the sundial in the garden as well-will definately post a photo of that
♥printed photos are in the album, but have a whole folder of pictures to upload and order from ritzpix. hopefully tonight!
seems like so much is going on, i've also signed up for the PTSA landscaping and beautification committee at the HS, and am the soccer mom for andrew's team-yes i know-- crazy, but it's another way to be involved in what the boys are doing-i think it's just as important to nurture and guide them at this stage as it is when they are little~~~~i'm off to continue to properly focus my time- happy friday

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

members only.

i'm officially a member of a very elite and special group- the 40's. wow, a brand new chapter in my life, a book of empty pages waiting to be filled with memories, experiences, laughter, tears (i'm sure), joy and love. i have been initiated into this group by some very special women in my life: mom, polly, mary, karen, kathy, angie, kecia, amy, jan, debbie, and many others. so where do i start, ah, i know, a special lunch at baraonda's today, and perhaps a bottle of that leftover champagne from saturday to go with our burgers on the grill- yea- happy birthday to me!

photo disclaimer: photo found online at:

Monday, August 11, 2008

cupcakes, champagne and Sherlock Holmes

just a few of the things that made this past weekend truly memorable. we had a great gathering to celebrate my big day- a bit early- sooo how do you describe such an event where there are no lines between family and friends, and it is just a large melting pot of people you have come to cherish over the years. the addition of my sister and the nieces there to help celebrate was literally icing on the cake! fun gifts and a big thank you to all who helped with the food and making people feel very welcomed: mom, kathy, angie, mary, sara, and karen.
we also enjoyed a family evening out at the theatre in the square to see sherlock holmes: the final adventure, which was an excellent play-i'll leave you with a few photos.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a whole new meaning.

to the phrase "riding shotgun"

-i know what you're thinking- do we want to know what this is all about? of course you do! one of our "guys", i'll call him "secret agent man" (SAM) is being transferred to another division, so we had a going away lunch

if you know the place it is a carnivores heaven, some say "that's too expensive for lunch", or "who can eat that much food", well we did, and it was amazing. of course, to do it right, you have to prepare and approach it like an athletic event, so monday's lunch and dinner was very light, and breakfast even lighter. i knew we'd be eating lunch early so i wasn't too concerned. i started out at the salad bar with some yummy greens, asparagus, fresh mozzarella, beets, and tomatoes, and then dove into the MEAT, various cuts of beef cooked to perfection, delicious pork tenderloin, and i splurged on a very small chicken breast wrapped with bacon. now you gotta understand that they don't load up your plate with food, just a small slice, unless you really want more!

oh yea getting back to the shot gun thing--i road to this luncheon with SAM, and because we had another passenger i volunteered for the back seat where i was greeted by a shotgun- makes for interesting blog fodder-right? i will greatly miss SAM he was the only man i met that really understood women, i always joked with him that he was a woman fighting to get out of a man's body- he knows way tooo much about women's fashion-and what makes them tick!

another lunchtime funny--we're sitting there with about 20 undercover cops, and in walks this guy with a t-shirt that says "undercover police", we about died laughing, had there been a way to take a photo i'd have done it-

Monday, August 4, 2008


time can be both a dirty and clean four letter word- it's either i don't have [enough] time, or too much time on my hands [never the case for me!]. when i was in high school one of my best friends used my notebook to do his "song of the day" lyric. usually it was about how he felt, i know-- my notebook, his feelings-- why pray-tell? anyway, they were usually pretty good lyrics. i kept that notebook for years, and thought it would turn up, but when we moved this last time, i realized it was gone for good- soooo what does all that have to do with this post-

well, since i'll be turning the BIG 4-0 in 8 days, i'd say i've seen a bit of time go by, this weekend i was please to have plenty of time to get caught up on stuff [especially the "fun" stuff] updated the literary side bar: finally!---time is a valuable resource, and one that seems very scarce- more scarce once we're adults [parents], and have to spread our time between family members, children, friends, work, play, hobbies, and yourself. it's enough to make your head spin! again i digress- thought it would be fun to mention some lyrics that have the word-
i'd love some feedback on which one's i didn't think of, so here goes . .

time is on my side-rolling stones---time slips away, and leaves you with nothing-bruce springsteen----i've got too much time on my hands-styx---there is a time for every purpose under heaven-the byrds and ecclesiastes 3:1---time keeps on slipping- into the future-steve miller band---time to learn-time to care-pet shop boys [somewhere]---who knows where the time goes-10,000 maniacs---time may change me, but i can't trace time-david bowie--take time to celebrate-point of grace---i think i like this one the best♥