Tuesday, August 12, 2008

members only.

i'm officially a member of a very elite and special group- the 40's. wow, a brand new chapter in my life, a book of empty pages waiting to be filled with memories, experiences, laughter, tears (i'm sure), joy and love. i have been initiated into this group by some very special women in my life: mom, polly, mary, karen, kathy, angie, kecia, amy, jan, debbie, and many others. so where do i start, ah, i know, a special lunch at baraonda's today, and perhaps a bottle of that leftover champagne from saturday to go with our burgers on the grill- yea- happy birthday to me!

photo disclaimer: photo found online at:http://niketalk.yuku.com/topic/48796/t/FS-DS-vintage-1980-s-maroon-MEMBERS-ONLY-jacket.html


mary said...

darn! I really did think I left a comment this morning - so sorry this is late in the day. I know baroanda was fabulous and hoping the cookout didn't get spoiled by the rain (at least you have champagne, right?) - best best and happy happy wishes dear lydia!!

LotusKnits said...

happy birthday lady!!!