Monday, August 11, 2008

cupcakes, champagne and Sherlock Holmes

just a few of the things that made this past weekend truly memorable. we had a great gathering to celebrate my big day- a bit early- sooo how do you describe such an event where there are no lines between family and friends, and it is just a large melting pot of people you have come to cherish over the years. the addition of my sister and the nieces there to help celebrate was literally icing on the cake! fun gifts and a big thank you to all who helped with the food and making people feel very welcomed: mom, kathy, angie, mary, sara, and karen.
we also enjoyed a family evening out at the theatre in the square to see sherlock holmes: the final adventure, which was an excellent play-i'll leave you with a few photos.


mary said...

oh the pictures turned out great! (whew!)

Lynette said...

You look fabulous for forty, dahling!