Friday, June 22, 2012

currents on a friday

listening -the a/c unit at work and enjoying the relative quiet of the office-maybe i'll listen to something on my iphone

eating -banana bread with a bit of peanut butter and an apple for breakfast

drinking - coffee

wearing - jeans, white tank and grey top with flats-i do love casual friday!

reading - believing the lie (it's ONLY 600+ pages)

weather -80 degrees and sunny

knitting - sleeve #2 for graham cracker and i have to reknit sleeve #1 and my spring forward socks (2nd one of that pair), about an inch completed on my summer top-have been trying to get my graham cracker finished, hopefully by sunday.

needing - plants some more basil and fertilize the tomatoes-they're kinda puny right now

enjoying -Andrew has been home all week-no campers to cook for, and that he is always willing to help with stuff around the house and with sophie-he went with me to the dog park yesterday.

looking forward to - quilt club on monday and pj coming home tonight (at least i think he is)

wondering -if i'll sell enough of my stuff at our yard sale this weekend to get the yarn i want to purchase next week.

how about you?

Monday, June 18, 2012

focus on the mess

here's a photo of my sewing/craft table. my One Little Word this year is "focus", and includes many areas of my everyday life. for the summer this is one area that needs serious focus.  task include putting a zipper on one sweater, buttons on another, a couple project bags i want to make,  quilt tops to complete, and i'm sure there's more hiding under there.  my goal is to focus on one project on this table at a time so that when fall rolls around i can change with the season without feeling like i still have a lot to weed through and my focus really gets out of whack. i've got a girls weekend and a family weekend planned in october, so i'm aiming for new and fun stuff to work on for these trips. and  while i haven't posted much lately (darn google chrome and blogger new formatting), i am getting things accomplished- i've completed and blocked 3 sweaters and a shawlette that i started at the beginning of the year and i'm about 80% done with another sweater.  i've got a summer sweater on the needles and a second sock.  i'm itching to start something new, but am hoping to stay focused on the tasks at hand. my timeline includes getting the 80% sweater and the socks completed by  the end of June, and at least the mending projects off the sewing table.  i've got a craft day (no knitting) planned in july and since i'll be traveling earlier in that week, i'll take full advantage of plane and hotel knitting, so i'm not feeling deprived! i hope to document this adventure, otherwise the blog is going to be very quiet cause nothing much else is going on with both boys at camp all summer-which is OKAY!  know what i've learned-life gets real messy, but prayer, hard work and dedication works like a new roll of bounty paper towels (my paper towel of choice!!!)

Friday, June 1, 2012


listening -an episode of monk

eating -earlier we had pizza, and i had a small bowl of vanilla frozen yogurt

drinking - pinot grigio

wearing - embroidered jeans, green top and bare feet

reading - believing the lie

weather -72 degrees and sunny (although it is almost 8:30)

knitting - 4" left of the second sleeve of my NY cardigan (yea, almost done) and my spring forward socks (2nd one of that pair)

needing - organize and print my 2011 travel albums

enjoying - PJ being home and the fact that it's friday

looking forward to - making my first box pouch on sunday with brenda AND starting a summer sweater hopefully this weekend.

wondering -how much more sophie's gonna grow

how about you?