Monday, July 23, 2012

something new and different

yesterday, steve and I rode 18 miles on the silver comet trail:  even though it was about 90 degrees, the trail was mostly shady, and we went through a couple areas that seemed subterranean, and at those points there was a noticeable change in temperature. it was a lot of fun, and i think there might be a couple bikes in our very near future.  as well as very cushion-y seat and probably cushion-y bike shorts.  i'm hoping there will be a cart of some sort that steve can pull so sophie can join us-we'll see.   i couldn't tell you how long ago it's been since i was on a bike, but i'm thinking at least 28+ years.  later in the evening we watched the recap of the tour de france, and i have a much greater appreciation for THAT sport let me tell ya!

Friday, July 13, 2012

currents. on friday the 13th

listening -the quiet of the house (taking the day off from work)

eating -greek yogurt and peaches

drinking - coffee (of course)

wearing - running skort and my LA t-shirt (early morning walk with sophie completed :-)

reading - back on Gumbo Tails, Apology Languages, Apothecary's Daughter (on kindle), and Acts 2

weather -74 degrees, cloudy, and 90% humidity

knitting- my summer top-about 50% through the body, and have done part of a sock while at my meeting in annapolis.  have gotten together all the "tools" for the ravellenic games-am participating in cast on trapshoot.

needing - to get motivated and make cards-primary reason for taking the day off.

enjoying -new things i'm learning about relationships, and acknowledging (more often) that my glass is more than just half full, but overflowing.

looking forward to - quilt club tonight, the boys home from their camp jobs, pancake breakfast at church tomorrow, and martha's baby shower on sunday.

wondering -what cheese i should put on the shrimp and pesto pizza.

how about you?

Thursday, July 5, 2012

giving myself an A+. .

i've made some progress since this post.  i'm quite please with what i've accomplished, and for meeting my deadline within a day or two.
my sewing table now looks like this.
i made 2 bags-a box pouch bag and a tote bag. in my quest to de-stash i made some cocktail napkins/coasters with the left over fabric.  i also put in a zipper in one sweater which i'm sorta okay with-it closes much better, it may become one of those "around the house" sweaters.  i also added snaps and buttons to another sweater, and i'm pretty pleased with the way that turned out.  i put one quilt top together, and have all the pieces for the border sewn and pressed.  i also decided that it was better to have the dry cleaners hem 2 pairs of sweats that i bought since a lot of fabric had to be cut off, and i really stink at hemming.  i went back and forth about whether it was worth paying someone, and i concluded my time was better spent on other projects. so all the mending projects are completed-yea!

 on the knitting front, i just finished all the knitting on my graham cracker cardigan, will weave in the ends and block this week, i'm in no hurry for buttons cause it'll be a LONG time before it's cold enough to wear it.  i'm quite please with this sweater.  i also re-dyed and blocked my NY cardigan, this turned out to be an "okay" project,  this was a project that i was determined to finish regardless of whether or not i truly LOVED the results-sometimes the "joy" is in the completion.  aside from running out of yarn for my spring forward socks, 

i'm pretty pleased with where my knitting is at right now.  i have swatched for my next 2 sweaters, and am making plans for 2 more sweaters from stash yarn.  i did splurge on some madeline tosh dk for my gnarled oak cardigan. you'll have to go to my projects page for details. i do need to add photo though.

i completed my OLW for June and went with a blue, grey and white palette. my thinking was that blue has a calming effect, and in order to really focus on what i need to, there needs to be a sense of calm or peace.  also when trying to focus for clarity, some things get a bit grey before they become clearer.  i added the words focus on the small and big, in my own handwriting, which i think makes it more personal.  i'm pretty excited about july's focus on music. i love how songs "speak" to you, so it'll be interesting to see what i can come up with for prompt.

i finally finished a book i got back in may, elizabeth george believing the lie, i dropped it off at the library this morning, so no telling what my late fine is going to be!  it was a good book, and i'm glad i kept it til i was finished. based on the ending there is definitely another one coming.

my goals for july will be to complete my OLW prompt before the end of the month, continue with the sewing projects on my table, and i'd like to finish my summer top before the ravellenic games start on 7/27. would LOVE to have the 4 sweaters cast on/planned completed before September 1-we'll see-now i just need to figure out what to take on the plane for my trip to anapolis next week.  something for the plane and meeting and for in the hotel-hmmmmm. how are YOU doing on your project(s)?