Friday, July 13, 2012

currents. on friday the 13th

listening -the quiet of the house (taking the day off from work)

eating -greek yogurt and peaches

drinking - coffee (of course)

wearing - running skort and my LA t-shirt (early morning walk with sophie completed :-)

reading - back on Gumbo Tails, Apology Languages, Apothecary's Daughter (on kindle), and Acts 2

weather -74 degrees, cloudy, and 90% humidity

knitting- my summer top-about 50% through the body, and have done part of a sock while at my meeting in annapolis.  have gotten together all the "tools" for the ravellenic games-am participating in cast on trapshoot.

needing - to get motivated and make cards-primary reason for taking the day off.

enjoying -new things i'm learning about relationships, and acknowledging (more often) that my glass is more than just half full, but overflowing.

looking forward to - quilt club tonight, the boys home from their camp jobs, pancake breakfast at church tomorrow, and martha's baby shower on sunday.

wondering -what cheese i should put on the shrimp and pesto pizza.

how about you?


Beth said...

I think I will participate in the games, but I haven't yet decided on the event(s). Enjoy your weekend!

Mary said...

hope you had a productive card-making day! I vote for goat cheese, feta cheese or parmesan on the pizza!