Wednesday, September 29, 2010

no knitting.

i can hear the collective gasp across the internet. whenever i have a long weekend, i make a list of things i'd like to get accomplished. with columbus day around the corner, i've jotted down some non-knitting projects that i'm hoping will get me caught up before the end of the year. i really like to start the year with new project/goals, etc. i'm not really missing out on knitting time since i'll have time in hilton head (i'm not driving!) and when i'm in houston. the changing seasons provide a natural deadline for me, and with fall finally here, some things just need to be finished. a few things i on my list:

get PJ's college applications completed and ready to go

get my photos in albums from last year-they're printed and together just need to finish this final part.

yard work-ugh, it's like laundry.

work on organizing this year's photos for digital scrapbooks: this means also acquainting myself with photoshop which i haven't done YET.

seasonal clothes/shoe/house shopping

stocking the freezer: hope to do a few servings of meatballs, roast a couple chickens, my turkey stock for thanksgiving and cookie/cracker dough for those get togethers when you need to whip up something quick. this keeps me from being frazzled once the holiday season gets here. i hate grabbing something at the store if i can plan ahead to have something homemade to take along-that's just one of my quirks.

de-cluttering closets and desks and a couple cleaning/clearing projects.

i've also made notes of knitting & sewing projects i'd like to finish by November 1. to do this i'm going to have to stop looking at what mary, lynn, and beth have queued on ravelry. until after christmas i'm really hoping to only have quicky projects on the needles and cutting table so i can enjoy time with friends, and silly christmas movies. if i meet these goals i might treat myself to something special-like #1 signature dpns! happy wednesday and a knitting WIPs post is coming soon-am loving what i've got on the needles right now.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


after listening to the hail and rain during dinner before my session meeting last night. this is what i saw on my way to church. you can just barely see the other rainbow to the left. the only place to pull over to get the picture was in the cemetary-personally i like cemetaries and the stories/lives they represent. reminders: God's presence in our live, His promise to watch over us, and perhaps even life is fleeting and to live in the now (not too morbid i hope).

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


if one word could sum up the women's conference i attended on saturday with mary this would be it. so much so that blogging about it would sorta kill the feeling. it was great, we shared a picnic lunch, knitting and chatting. other awesomeness: labor day was card making and knittng at karen's with mary, virginia, and beth, then thursday's knit night at cast on cottage with mary, virginia, and beth at the new shop-very very awesome space, perfect for knitting and girl time. watching the birds in the feeder (no photo, but love watching them), my fruit and veggie market baskets have been- well AWESOME! i'm really looking forward to quilt club on friday, lunch dates: sara for friday and andrew on saturday, first falcons home game on sunday with steve (i get to wear haruni :-)-yea. and a trip to visit polly and roy next week, then hilton head. i didn't think i really had anything to blog about! and to add to all this awesome-y goodness. i have only 2 WIPs in my bag, here's a photo of que sera-
although i only have 2 WIPs, i've got a lot of yarn cause i'll be swatching for coraline, trina, and casting on embossed leaves socks and hopefully the toy monkey later this week. so many project i'd like to get through by the end of the year. i won't even talk about the sewing WIPs i've got in mind. so embrace the AWESOMENESS in your life-it's there- trust me!