Tuesday, September 14, 2010


if one word could sum up the women's conference i attended on saturday with mary this would be it. so much so that blogging about it would sorta kill the feeling. it was great, we shared a picnic lunch, knitting and chatting. other awesomeness: labor day was card making and knittng at karen's with mary, virginia, and beth, then thursday's knit night at cast on cottage with mary, virginia, and beth at the new shop-very very awesome space, perfect for knitting and girl time. watching the birds in the feeder (no photo, but love watching them), my fruit and veggie market baskets have been- well AWESOME! i'm really looking forward to quilt club on friday, lunch dates: sara for friday and andrew on saturday, first falcons home game on sunday with steve (i get to wear haruni :-)-yea. and a trip to visit polly and roy next week, then hilton head. i didn't think i really had anything to blog about! and to add to all this awesome-y goodness. i have only 2 WIPs in my bag, here's a photo of que sera-
although i only have 2 WIPs, i've got a lot of yarn cause i'll be swatching for coraline, trina, and casting on embossed leaves socks and hopefully the toy monkey later this week. so many project i'd like to get through by the end of the year. i won't even talk about the sewing WIPs i've got in mind. so embrace the AWESOMENESS in your life-it's there- trust me!


Beth said...

Que Sera looks so pretty! I love that color. I know what you mean about having lots of projects to knit. There's just not enough time.

I'm glad you had a great time at the conference!

Mary said...

awesome :-) enjoy your time with sara and hope you can make knit night again soon - would love to see more progress on those projects!!