Friday, August 22, 2014


Taking in a second dog has proven to be a bit of work and a test of patience. Say hello to our newest addition-Harley.  When we were discussing "adoption" with her owner she was called "Arli", well it turned out that we had to exaggerate the "A", else she was being called Harley, so decided not to fight it.  Turns out her official name is Scarlett O'Here We Go Again or Scarlett for short.  She is a very very sweet and obedient dog. She had puppies about 4 months ago, and is officially retired from breeding.  Sophie is still not quite sure about her, but I think they are warming up to each other.  For a 4 year old Harley has ALOT of energy, and comes from a home with kids which means she and Sophie have some adjustments to make.  Everything I'm reading says to give it time and be patient, but firm-so we all are trying to do our best.  When the door bell rings it now sounds like we have 2 big doberman's in the house-might be a good deterrent-right?

Harley with her new squeaky toy that lasted 10 minutes before it was in shreds.
The girls out for a walk

I believe these two will provide me with plenty of blog fodder when there is no knitting content.  We'll see.

Friday, August 15, 2014


celebrating ..actually celebratED another year older. A lovely meal at a new to me restaurant, and getting to open cards filled with love and well wishes.  There was also champagne and cupcakes!

hoping for perfect cycling weather on Saturday, Sunday AND Monday-On Monday I have some morning appointments, so I'm really looking forward to being able to get a ride in afterwards.

planning my next few knitting projects- Geometry|Parabola and Monochrome| Aperture.  I have the yarn for Parabola and will be swatching this weekend, and I have some of the yarn for Aperture and plan to get going on that very soon too.  I also have the yarn for my Falcons Football Season socks.
enjoying cool mornings and energizing walks at lunch time.  I'm also enjoying my book club which met last night, these ladies are so much fun.

reading Poisonwood Bible by Barbara Kingslayer (for book club), Written in my own Heart's Blood Diana Gabaldon.

knitting plain vanilla socks (i'm on the 2nd one) and Irish Coffee- that is ALL I have on the needles.  I still need buttons for my Mix No. 28 and I need to sew the side seams on Flex.  I also have several FOs that need to be photographed.

watching Outlander, Hard Knocks, Hell on Wheels, pre-season NFL football, Drugs Inc.(I am only watching this one episode because it is in Atlanta), but want to get caught up on Mr. Selfridge and the Paradise (Season 2).

listening right now-it's is soooo quiet at my office, only the tapping of me on the keyboard

eating breakfast was cottage cheese and a banana

drinking coffee-was there every any doubt.  There will be cocktails and sangria this evening!

wearing capri jeans, t-shirt and white Keds.
looking forward to- quilt club tonight at my house, knitting with my favorite girls next week, and a great-nephew who will be here very very soon!

wondering if Sophie and Arli will enjoy each other, and if she'll be a permanent member of our family.
Also wondering if I'll EVER get caught up on project life?!

what's current with you

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

S'okay to Wait

The reason for Carole's prompt for today naturally brought tear to my eyes; sometimes it's really no fun being an adult.  I have to say that how I spent my time spent waiting has changed a lot over the years.  I have spent numerous hours waiting in doctors offices for various appointments, both my own, and for members of my family.  Once when the boys were smallish, maybe 7 and 9, we had a 3 hour wait at my mother's cardiologist.  No one bothered to call the patients to let them know that the doctor had to perform emergency surgery, and that the routine appointments would be delayed (ugh!).  I think the advent of the wifi, social media, and advancements in cell phone technology have changed the concept of waiting, whether for good or bad.  My list includes past and present ways to deal with waiting.

10.  Pray-circumstances may be such that this is really the only thing that can bring peace.
  9.  Play-I always made sure my boys had plenty of things to play with-small cars, legos, coloring books,  Game Boys, etc. 
  8.  Picnic-my tote bag always had goldfish, fruit, granola bars, juice boxes or water.  I never knew how long of a wait we'd have at times, and hungry people= grumpy people, and I'm referring mostly to myself!  The DMV in Marietta was known for such a long wait that someone came up with the idea of a hot dog cart because you could really be there for several hours.
  7.  Read-I usually have something in my bag, a magazine or book.
  6.  Stay connected-check emails, Instagram, Twitter, but I rarely make phone calls, sometimes it's real annoying to have to listen to someone else's chatter.  I always leave the waiting room if I have to take a phone call is more than a half minute.
  5.  Instagram and take other photos-kinda fun, but I am sure it annoys other folks.
  4.  Chat/listen-waiting is stressful for people, and it can be comforting to others to have someone just to listen or talk with them.  I admit, I'm not always good about initiating a conversation, but if someone wants to engage me, I'm game.
  3.  Peruse the internet- Pinterest, blogs, other websites-see #6
  2.  Watch TV-sometimes the waiting room will actually have something worth watching-I love when the channel is set to HGTV, the news, not so much.
  1. KNITTING! Even if the wait is only 15 minutes, I always have my knitting with me.  I try to keep projects with me that are not too involved or complicated- see #10, #4, and #2.  The knitting usually generates some conversation, or at least some "looks".

So yea, I don't actually mind waiting these days now that I don't have little one's to occupy, and I still come with snacks and water.  I have been fortunate to have only the rare waiting event where only #10 is app.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Carole's prompt today is about knitting patterns you'd knit over and over.  For this list I'm going to put my own spin on the subject.  I rarely knit the same pattern over and over, maybe I get distracted too easily with the shiny new patterns out there.  There are however many yarns or items that I could use/do over and over, so here goes-

10.  Socks-portable, useful, fun, endless patterns and yarns
  9.  Liberty wool
  8.  Berroco Vintage and Vintage DK
  7.  Janna's Tunic (would love one in black)
  6.  Flax (such an easy pattern-would like more in other colors)
  5.  Malabrigo yarns-any weight-love how it knits up
  4.  Hats- see #10-need more of these
  3.  Pullovers-(have done several of these this year)
  2.  Summer-y tanks (Gretel, Ida, Bonny)
  1.  Shibui- (anything escept Kalvo-not impressed with this yarn)

Since I don't normally give away what I knit, I haven't had a real need to knit a pattern multiple times.  Maybe it's time I changed that?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Daily Crossings

An interesting prompt from Carole this week-not something I usually give a lot of thought to-

10.  First thing in the morning I cross from bedroom to bathroom then bedroom to go downstairs.
  9.  Sophie and I go from the laundry room to the side door for our early morning potty break, and to get the newspaper.
  8.  These above is reversed, and once I'm ready for work I cross from the kitchen into the garage to my car.
  7.  When I get to work I cross from the loading dock into the building where I go through 2 more doors to get to my desk.
  6.  I cross into my boss's office to put his newspaper on his desk and check the out box, I do the same with boss #2.  I will cross these 2 thresholds many times throughout the day
  5.  Then there is the threshold in our lobby where I'll receive deliveries or guests, some days are busier than others.  Sometimes I actually go through another door and stand on the sidewalk.
  4.  Multiple trips to the ladies room [TMI?] during the day.
  3.  When it's time to heat up my lunch I cross into another office before heading outside to eat and knit.
  2.  Finally at the end of the day when I get home I plan to cross from the kitchen to the deck for a bit of relaxing.

  1.  My post dinner exercise will require me to go from the kitchen area to the basement, and then when it's bed time I'll be upstairs where #10 happens.

I wish my day was a bit more interesting with regards to which thresholds I'm crossing, like visiting with family or friends, or going somewhere special.  Now if this was a post for over the weekend, my list would be much more interesting.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Lens| July

The past weekend was pretty exhausting-lots of activities and things to do.  The weekend sorta started on Thursday with Book Club, this is our fourth meeting, and I really enjoy this group of ladies.  The book we picked wasn't one I'd tell my friends to run out and get, but it did generate some great conversation.  Isn't that the point of book club anyway-aside from the munchies and wine?!

Friday was Quilt Club, we haven't gotten together as a group in a long time, and we were still missing Brenda.  It was fun hearing about Joyce's trip to China with her adopted daughter Mei-it was an interesting 3 weeks.  I didn't feel like lugging my sewing machine to Kathy's, so I did some knitting instead.  The boys and one of PJ's friends came home for the weekend.  I love having them home.

Saturday morning included an indoor bike ride [my bike was in the shop], then to oversee the HOA Board meeting.

Right afterwards it was time to take Mom to her hair appointment-I then headed to the bank, the store, went through the car wash, picked up some food for lunch, and then back to get Mom.

I ate lunch quickly and then proceeded onto my errands which included a trip to the library, Total Wine, 2nd and Charles, Barnes and Noble, Stein Mart, Performance Bikes, and then to Costco which was a ZOO!!!

 I tried Starbuck's new ginger-ale soda-pretty good and not too bad on the calories.  Definitely refreshing on a very very hot July day.

Finally home, and after all that running around a cocktail was definitely in order!  My own concoction of muddled peaches, peach-pear la croix, simple syrup, bourbon [of course], and peach bitters with a lemon garnish.

 Andrew had agreed to cook burgers on the grill, and they were awesome!  Better than what I had last week when I was really craving a cheeseburger before the Peachtree Road Road,  A real simple dinner of just burgers, chips, beans and ice cream sundaes.  Lots of laughs around the table.  Some reading time then off to bed for me.  Not sure how late the boys stayed up, but it was muuuuuch later than me!

Sunday up early and another indoor bike ride, church, and then home for breakfast with the boys before they headed back to school.  They packed up the Tahoe with extra things I had around they house that they'll be able to use when they move into the house they are renting at the end of the month.  I'm really liking that I can pass things along to them.

Sunday afternoon was a baby shower for my sweet niece, Katie.  It was so much fun seeing the little baby stuff, and the food was so-so good. 
 Fortunately, I had a very light dinner planned of poached cod.  It was my first time making poached fish-it was really good.  More like a soup, and I added some fresh spinach for extra vitamins!  I seem to be doing this a lot lately.

 I spent the rest of the evening doing some knitting and hanging out with Sophie, we were both pretty exhausted when bed time came around.  There were a few minutes of reading, and a quick conversation with Steve before I turned out the light.  I'm glad I got to mark a lot of things off my to do list, but would have liked to have been able to do an outdoor bike ride-that's planned for the next coming weekend.
As I look over my calendar for this next week, it is a very light schedule, so I hope that means a little Tour de France replay, and some serious knitting.  There are dinner plans with Steve on Saturday, not sure where we're going yet, but it's been a while since it's been just the 2 of us for a meal out.  Weekends are wonderful, just wish they didn't always end so quickly.