Friday, September 26, 2014

5 on Friday-Fall is here!

1. Fall seems to really be here, time for some comfort foods!  I made a tomato and goat cheese cobbler last night for dinner and it was pretty good.  I didn't really care for the biscuits, and next time I make this I'll make traditional biscuits instead.  The biscuit dough in this recipe used flour and cornmeal.  Other than that it was yummy, and the thyme made it feel/taste very fall-esque.

2. Ready for football this weekend, especially since the Falcons are doing pretty good compared to other teams.  Feeling the team spirit and wearing my Falcons shirt (long sleeves!) at work today.

3.  Weekend plans for an outdoor bike ride and a church dinner on the grounds-always fun.

4. Thinking about the upcoming holidays, and then NOT wanting to think about the upcoming holidays.

5. Looking forward to knitting on my sleeveless sommer top, and casting on aperture.


Mary said...

the cooler temperatures are inspiring all kinds of activity! hope you have a fun-filled weekend!!

Linda said...

I'm enjoying the cooler weather too! It just perks me up!

Linda in VA