Friday, July 31, 2009

girl time. . .

thursday went to dinner and christmas in july at tiny stitches with joyce and brenda, lots of great ideas, but soooo little time.
enjoyed some time with kathy and her mom this morning. kathy and i finally got a chance to check out the acworth farmers market, some very nice veggies and fresh biscotti. mom and i went to the high to see the monet exhibit which was wonderful
autumn (something)

the le grand tableau-stunning, i don't think i could ever get tired of looking at monet. then it was off to murphy's for dinner- yum

mom and our food
fried peach pies-wow, could have eaten more of these, then a quick ride through mom's old stomping ground (myrtle st. piedmont park, etc.), and a quick trip to knitch, mom had never been before, and we got there just before they closed. of course, the ladies there are always so nice and eager to help, they have some stunning cashmere and cashmere blends, so wonderful to touch. looking forward to the paper piecing class with kathy on sunday at little quilts that's probably enough for one weekend-a fun couple days with the girls.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


i'm always trying to find creative ways to use leftovers, especially when i overestimate how much will be leftover. sooo when i had more cherries than cherry eaters, and more chocolate than pirogues, i decided to throw this little "dish" together. boy were they good, none of that gooey white stuff or overly sweet liquor stuff, just cherries and chocolate. i'd say a pretty creative use of "leftovers".

Sunday, July 26, 2009

light my fire.

timing couldn't be better to enjoy a couple hours on the deck, listening to the critters in the underbrush and the roofers nailing on the roof behind our house! some knitting and then brunch

we had an extra person for brunch, christopher who had spent the night. i didn't realize that i'd wind up by spending about 3 hours in the kitchen. while the beef "stew" was cooking andrew helped me with the rest of the weekend food offerings: bread, seared scallops, boiled shrimp, crudite, pirogues with cherries grand-marnier and chocolate sauce, fruit salad and the cleaning up.
AND to andrew's delight we "set-fire" to the cherries and the beef bourguignon. should i be worried-he's either going to be a firefighter, a pyrotechnic engineer, or an explosives expert-let's just hope not a fire starter!! everything was delish, and spending the time with the boys (pj sat on the deck and made balloons).

Thursday, July 23, 2009

looking forward to.

since i haven't had a saturday and a sunday of "not having to really go and do anything" in a couple months, (vacations don't count) i'm looking forward to a few things i haven't done in a while (or ever)
~working on my lace wrap
~a cup of coffee on the deck saturday morning
~brunch on saturday
~cooking ina's beef bourguignon for sunday dinner
~only 3 QUICKLY errands for the whole weekend
~coffee and dessert with mom, kathy and her mom on sunday
~finishing up 2 knitting projects (sewing up the multi-shapes top and jennifer's baby sweater)
~i'm sure there will be some quilting in there as well!
hope we are blessed with some more beautiful weather like we did last weekend. i think my latest quilt really says summer. i am doing the hand quilting and adding a few beads for effect. i'm hoping to take advantage of the lazy days of summer i've heard so much about before it's over!

Sunday, July 19, 2009


a new favorite glass, have just now totally unpacked the box of glasses that polly brought up in november, imagine my delight when i got to the bottom layer to discover a set of high ball glasses. i thought it was going to be more of the juice and small highball glasses (which make great wine glasses, don't they mary?!), i love these, they are not too big or heavy like our other ones, and i love the "s" on them. these will be used a lot i can guarantee, so nice to have somethig so unexpected and useful!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

a visit with the grandparents.

we had a great time last week visitng with polly and roy, lunch out, shopping (a new quilt shop! and the soap shop and used book store were cool too :-)- we adjusted nicely when we discovered that the restaurant for saturday's lunch was not open for lunch, and my cell phone went all wonky and we didn't get to venture into the other shops in leesburg, but there will be another time. am hoping polly will be able to get the soap shop lady to make some tea/olive soap from the shrub polly has at ther house-smells divine and sooo clean! anyway, the space shuttle didn't launch like it was supposed to while we were there, and debbie didn't get kicked off the food network-next fn star-like i'd hoped, but i did manage to finish a baby sweater, the multi-shapes top (on the way down), listen to david baldacci's stone cold, start another sweater and visit another quilt shop (on the way home), get some great sausages from the polish butcher (yummmm!), and hang out with my peeps there are other's on flickr.
lunch at oakwoods-sorry didn't get roy into the photo.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

happy 4th

completed the road race in pretty good time considering we were walking, looking forward to next year. continued the celebrations at joyce and bill's with a cookout. lots of photos on flickr. now, i need to get knitting, quilting, scrapbooking . . . .

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

ready set go

my number is 63669, and pj's is 95961-andrew and steve bailed so danielle will use andrew's number for the road race on saturday, we'll be doing the race will bill and joyce and then later on we'll go to their house for a bar-b-que- can't wait. am glad this year that the official day off for us will be friday, so that gives me a day to prepare for the race, the bbq, and hopefully get some quilting and knitting done. bought this (in purple punch) so i'll have somewhere to keep my camera and phone. hope to take more pictures than i did last year which i think was none of the race!