Friday, July 31, 2009

girl time. . .

thursday went to dinner and christmas in july at tiny stitches with joyce and brenda, lots of great ideas, but soooo little time.
enjoyed some time with kathy and her mom this morning. kathy and i finally got a chance to check out the acworth farmers market, some very nice veggies and fresh biscotti. mom and i went to the high to see the monet exhibit which was wonderful
autumn (something)

the le grand tableau-stunning, i don't think i could ever get tired of looking at monet. then it was off to murphy's for dinner- yum

mom and our food
fried peach pies-wow, could have eaten more of these, then a quick ride through mom's old stomping ground (myrtle st. piedmont park, etc.), and a quick trip to knitch, mom had never been before, and we got there just before they closed. of course, the ladies there are always so nice and eager to help, they have some stunning cashmere and cashmere blends, so wonderful to touch. looking forward to the paper piecing class with kathy on sunday at little quilts that's probably enough for one weekend-a fun couple days with the girls.


mary said...

that was one perfect day!! can't wait for the photos and stories from the rest of your weekend - enjoy!!

Lynette said...

I hate that I missed it! I love Monet and Murphy's.