Sunday, August 2, 2009

ratatouille and quilting.

hmmm. what do those things have in common, and i thought this blog was "life and yarn". okay well hopefully there will be more of that this week. saturday morning after the "31" event (i'm having one in september), headed off to do a couple errands, then home for a quick lunch, sliced tomatoes w/feta cheese, and fruit salad-so simple and sooooo good.

ratatouille- lots of chopping, but very very good, looking forward to leftovers.
today's quilt class was a lot of fun, didn't realize the quilt square was going to be a miniature, tons of tiny pieces, but am glad to learn the paper piecing concept, and look forward to using it on other projects. this is the teacher's sample, i used the nickel to give you an idea of scale.

here are my bits, my block includes a variety of pinks, and butterflies, hopefully by the end of the week i will have a photo worthy wip for this block. got a couple nifty tools also, one kathy and i have joint custody of!
kathy is doing her paper cutting, she's such a good girl-she helped me out on more than one occasion during class. you can just see the hot pink i'm using which will be where the black squares are at on the teacher's blocks- oh yea, we did go to harry's before hand and get biscotti, bread and a few other "yummies" before class.
this is the next class we want to take, it's called "scrambled eggs" it is done with 15 fat quarters, using a 10" block, supposed to be super super easy. we'll see.
a great day, now that i've done the hoa financials for july, cleaned up the kitchen, gotten my lunch together for next week, i think i'll take my shower, do some knitting and get ready to see the next food network star, then again, not until i' refill wine glass-i need it after all those little pieces!

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mary said...

another lovely summer weekend! love the quilt square - definitely wine after, huh, with those tiny pieces (is this like the lacework of the quilting world?)