Saturday, August 8, 2009

moving right along

the last week of summer vacation is now over, where did the summer go? went to orientation with pj and andrew (hard to believe andrew's in the 9th grade). wish i had taken a few photos. added this book to my craft library (can actually see myself doing some of this stuff, and with a 40% off coupon-who can resist?!) friday was quilt club, and we agreed on our official meeting day (3rd friday night of each month), and finalized plans for hilton head-we are so excited about this trip. my photos from quilt night didn't come out 'cause for some reason, the memory card was not all the way into the camera, so the cute photo of me in my london t-shirt and janey in her union jack didn't come out :-(. i finally got the buttons sewed onto the two baby sweaters, and made some progress on the miniature square from sunday's class. it's going much faster now since i'm not stopping for instruction. i'm really liking the paper piecing concept (supposed to be one of the easiest ways to get crisp points, it think the difficulty lies in the size of the pieces) , but don't anticipate doing anything this small again unless i have granddaughters or grand nieces, and they need a quilt for their doll bed! looking forward to checking out the marietta farmers market this morning (mary and sara have inspired me to make the treck down, hope i find good stuff), and this afternoon's birthday gathering will be loads of fun. what a great way to end summer vacation.

i've laid out the pieces as they'll be in the square, kind of hard to really tell what the finished square will look like, maybe by sunday i'll have it done.

sweater details on ravelry.

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mary said...

we did have a wonderful time today, didn't we? (photos up on flickr, but blog post waiting til the morning)... and sorry I didn't read this until now - so the references to a new sewing book, and paper piecing and TWO (!!! yeah you!!) finished baby sweaters were sort of lost on me at lunch :-)