Saturday, July 18, 2009

a visit with the grandparents.

we had a great time last week visitng with polly and roy, lunch out, shopping (a new quilt shop! and the soap shop and used book store were cool too :-)- we adjusted nicely when we discovered that the restaurant for saturday's lunch was not open for lunch, and my cell phone went all wonky and we didn't get to venture into the other shops in leesburg, but there will be another time. am hoping polly will be able to get the soap shop lady to make some tea/olive soap from the shrub polly has at ther house-smells divine and sooo clean! anyway, the space shuttle didn't launch like it was supposed to while we were there, and debbie didn't get kicked off the food network-next fn star-like i'd hoped, but i did manage to finish a baby sweater, the multi-shapes top (on the way down), listen to david baldacci's stone cold, start another sweater and visit another quilt shop (on the way home), get some great sausages from the polish butcher (yummmm!), and hang out with my peeps there are other's on flickr.
lunch at oakwoods-sorry didn't get roy into the photo.

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Anonymous said...

looks like you all had a really good time. polly and roy realy look well