Sunday, July 26, 2009

light my fire.

timing couldn't be better to enjoy a couple hours on the deck, listening to the critters in the underbrush and the roofers nailing on the roof behind our house! some knitting and then brunch

we had an extra person for brunch, christopher who had spent the night. i didn't realize that i'd wind up by spending about 3 hours in the kitchen. while the beef "stew" was cooking andrew helped me with the rest of the weekend food offerings: bread, seared scallops, boiled shrimp, crudite, pirogues with cherries grand-marnier and chocolate sauce, fruit salad and the cleaning up.
AND to andrew's delight we "set-fire" to the cherries and the beef bourguignon. should i be worried-he's either going to be a firefighter, a pyrotechnic engineer, or an explosives expert-let's just hope not a fire starter!! everything was delish, and spending the time with the boys (pj sat on the deck and made balloons).

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mary said...

it all sounds wonderfully delicious!!