Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WIP Wednesday-Does this count?

I'm still working on the parabola, sommer sleeveless tank and aperture along with the socks.  There was not by way of knitting this past weekend, but I plan to do lots while I'm at my in-laws.  I also have 4 sweaters to frog.  My next project that is in the wings is the Kaffe [Rowan] Pure Wool Worsted KAL.  I had hoped to have already cast on for the first square, but that hasn't happened yet.  I have the yarn, needles and instructions, so I'm close enough for posting purposes [right!] :-)  Now if I could count all the knitting I've done in my head . . .


Mary said...

I think this counts...but I'm not anywhere close to wanting to count the dozen-ish projects in MY head as WIPs :-)

(looking forward to seeing how you tackle the pattern - there are two choices for how to increase...and a few -at least - modifications for the beginning and ending suggested on the Ravelry forum. like I said...looking forward to what you do! ;-)

Linda said...

I agree! The knitting in our heads (especially as I'm trying to sleep at night) counts big time!

Linda in VA