Friday, June 1, 2012


listening -an episode of monk

eating -earlier we had pizza, and i had a small bowl of vanilla frozen yogurt

drinking - pinot grigio

wearing - embroidered jeans, green top and bare feet

reading - believing the lie

weather -72 degrees and sunny (although it is almost 8:30)

knitting - 4" left of the second sleeve of my NY cardigan (yea, almost done) and my spring forward socks (2nd one of that pair)

needing - organize and print my 2011 travel albums

enjoying - PJ being home and the fact that it's friday

looking forward to - making my first box pouch on sunday with brenda AND starting a summer sweater hopefully this weekend.

wondering -how much more sophie's gonna grow

how about you?


Mary said...

lovely view.... enjoy PJ's visit. and I laughed out loud about how big is Sophie going to grow. (I'm wondering too!!)

Alexandra Marie said...

sounds very relaxing :)

Beth said...

I enjoyed reading your list! How was that book? I've never read anything by that author.