Tuesday, August 5, 2008

a whole new meaning.

to the phrase "riding shotgun"

-i know what you're thinking- do we want to know what this is all about? of course you do! one of our "guys", i'll call him "secret agent man" (SAM) is being transferred to another division, so we had a going away lunch

if you know the place it is a carnivores heaven, some say "that's too expensive for lunch", or "who can eat that much food", well we did, and it was amazing. of course, to do it right, you have to prepare and approach it like an athletic event, so monday's lunch and dinner was very light, and breakfast even lighter. i knew we'd be eating lunch early so i wasn't too concerned. i started out at the salad bar with some yummy greens, asparagus, fresh mozzarella, beets, and tomatoes, and then dove into the MEAT, various cuts of beef cooked to perfection, delicious pork tenderloin, and i splurged on a very small chicken breast wrapped with bacon. now you gotta understand that they don't load up your plate with food, just a small slice, unless you really want more!

oh yea getting back to the shot gun thing--i road to this luncheon with SAM, and because we had another passenger i volunteered for the back seat where i was greeted by a shotgun- makes for interesting blog fodder-right? i will greatly miss SAM he was the only man i met that really understood women, i always joked with him that he was a woman fighting to get out of a man's body- he knows way tooo much about women's fashion-and what makes them tick!

another lunchtime funny--we're sitting there with about 20 undercover cops, and in walks this guy with a t-shirt that says "undercover police", we about died laughing, had there been a way to take a photo i'd have done it-


mary said...

sounds like fun! (and yummmmm)

LotusKnits said...

Hope your birthday is a good one!!