Friday, August 22, 2008


no photos for this post. will definately have a pictorial update after labor day. the word for the last 10 days has been FOCUS as it relates to projects at home some seems like they are NEVER going to end
moss sweater- literally 18 in (or less) of total sleeve length to go (doing moss stitch on #4's) a bit tedious-
loose nut socks- decided to take karen's advise and try smaller needles, am down to #0 circulars, but have not re-cast on yet, those socks were going to be HUGE!
another baby blanket finished and delivered-am taking a few days break before i start the next one-a great bus riding project.
favorite socks #2- needed an easy pattern to take to the rome braves last week, so yes, i've cast on another pair of socks from the interview knits favorite socks book.
scarf for my secret sister- have frogged an re-started with a different pattern as i was getting no where fast, so new pattern is one that is more portable and socially friendly, should definately have this done before december
♥sorted through lots of old paper that has now been tossed, all office/school supplies corraled in one area
♥all knitting and quilting patterns that were downloaded off the internet are now in sheet protectors and in notebooks with dividers. the sock patterns are in a binder all to themselves-didn't know i had printed off soooo many patterns.
♥one quilt top finished- hope to finish-finish the quilt by sunday, it's a surprise so no photos until after labor day
re-planted herbs and other plants that were in containers, but needed new homes, moved some stuff around, and am trying to keep the garden tidy which has been a chore, but am looking forward to fall- need to put the sundial in the garden as well-will definately post a photo of that
♥printed photos are in the album, but have a whole folder of pictures to upload and order from ritzpix. hopefully tonight!
seems like so much is going on, i've also signed up for the PTSA landscaping and beautification committee at the HS, and am the soccer mom for andrew's team-yes i know-- crazy, but it's another way to be involved in what the boys are doing-i think it's just as important to nurture and guide them at this stage as it is when they are little~~~~i'm off to continue to properly focus my time- happy friday

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mary said...

you are SO right about staying involved as they get older ... when they don't "need" you so much, you have to find ways to stay in touch. can't wait for photos!