Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday moment.packing (important stuff)

okay, so not the best photo-am getting my stuff together for san antonio-thanks to ravelry, i think i'll finally get chart 3 of the orchid thief shawlette figured out. this will be my hotel room knitting, i've got a sock-zigzag socks from the ultimate sock knitting book-to work on while i'm at the conference-and the linen stitch scarf for my airport/plane knitting. of course, the kindle is going along for the plane ride as well. i plan to report how much i actually get accomplished. am looking forward to visiting a new city and eating LOTS of tex-mex.


Mary said...

yep, that is the most important stuff :-) can't wait to hear about/see photos from? your trip! (and I'm glad you're knitting the orchid thief first!)

Beth said...

Yes, the knitting packing is the most important part. :) Steve said there are a bunch of neat restaurants along the River Walk (mostly on the east side). He couldn't get in to any of them so he doesn't have any recommendations. You'll have to tell us where you eat!