Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oscar Favorites.

this weeks 10 for Tuesday brings back fond memories.  i think today's films areoften lacking in real star quality. there are actor/actresses that i always enjoy seeing, but many movies aren't worth the cost of the ticket. even the special effects can get a bit unrealistic and -eeh. anyway, here's my list-i could add many many more-especially some of the "oldies".

#1-Rocky-my ALL time favorite-this the first movie i remember seeing at the theatre, and i also go the soundtrack for my birthday.  when i was in philadelphia a couple years ago i ran up the museum steps-something i have always wanted to do.
#2 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
#3 Arthur
#4 The Godfather
#5 Forest Gump
#6 Gone with the Wind
#7 Goldfinger
#8 Dirty Dancing
#9 Untouchables
#10 The Wizard of Oz

photo found at this website: http://manvsdebt.com/rocky-balboas-guide-to-kickin-ass/

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Beth said...

That really was a great movie!