Sunday, February 27, 2011


andrew got a cooking lesson for a christmas gift and today we went to Thai Peppers/Mt. Fuji steakhouse in marietta to redeem it. i got to sit with a glass of wine and my knitting and observe. the teacher was very friendly and andrew's only classmate ida was delightful to talk to. i also got to sample the dishes and they were really good. there are plans to take another class at some point, maybe to make sushi-am thinking i probably won't be trying any of THAT. it was a great way to spend a sunday afternoon.

spring rolls with hoison/peanut dipping sauce

chicken coconut soup (very spicey, but tasty)

2 kinds of curry-just the right amount of spicy LOTS of flavor

photos is the greatest of the dish since we were inside, but it was very good.


Mary said...

that looks like fun - I know Andrew enjoyed it...and you too (a glass of wine and knitting is one of my very favorite ways to pass the time!)

Beth said...

That is just the coolest thing! Is it only a cooking school or is it a restaurant, too?