Sunday, February 13, 2011

san antonio-a review

san antonio is definitely a place i'd like to visit again. the photo shows what i really LOVED about my trip. i can't wait to get another pair (soon I hope), i wore these home cause they wouldn't fit in my suitecase, and they really were comfortable, so they might be going with me to Paris.  the rest of the photos are on flickr. i also took some video at the rodeo, but am not sure if they're going to upload, so we'll see.  anyway here's my thoughts on SA,T:
~the city is VERY clean
~you can walk wherever you want to go, or take a very short cab ride (or use the bus)
~the food-that was a mixed bag- casa rio-was good, cafe ole'-just okay, "Q"-was awesome, i had for lunch beef brisket tacos, and a mixed green salad with citrus vinegarette and skirt steak. i went back for dinner, and had the chicken quesadilla and banana pudding w/brittle. the dessert was just okay, a too big portion and not well presented, but the rest was awesome. also we had lunch at schilo's which is a german delicatessean that dates back to 1917. 
~a learning experience-i learned that there has been a large number of germans who have been in the area for several decades (late 1880s)- hence the deli, and of course the alamo is nearby,and i'm glad i paid a visit, it was interesting and well preserved, then there is la villita was once san antonios first neighborhoods-and is now an cluster of shops that have art work by local artist, a lot of it quite good-too bad i was flying home!
~a cultural experience for sure-the rodeo was the most fun i've had in awhile. it was cool seeing the animals, and watching the rodeo events, i really got a feel for the heart of the american west. raising livestock and playing the rodeo circuit is something these folks take serious-still.
another "cultural" experience as the Hotel Havana-i had to change hotels for a night, i still don't know what to make of this place, it seemed cheesey, quaint, full of character, and unique all rolled into one. it's the first hotel i've been too that had a front porch where i spent a few hours knitting and enjoying the bottle of wine i had bought on tuesday. it was a very clean hotel, just kinda quirky, i'd go back to it if i had a chance.
i didn't include any links, but if any clarification is needed, i'm sure my "readers" will not hestitate to ask. the only other thing i could say is that if you have a chance to go-then go!
i'm glad i had a chance to combine work with a mini-vacation.


Mary said...

you get to go some great places for work - and I love that you spend time getting to know the cities. and that you buy pink cowboy boots! welcome home!!

Beth said...

Great boots! Can't wait to see you in them. I enjoyed reading your review and looking through your photos. I especially liked the Alamo font photo. I never thought about people using fonts "way back when."


Great boots beuatiful