Saturday, August 29, 2009

out in the country.

there's a little place out in conyers that i bet most people don't know about. the monastery of the holy spirit. our sunday school class took a field trip out here, what a beautiful day. i remember coming out here to field trips when i was in middle/high school. we enjoyed learning about the monastery, which was established in 1944, and a picnic lunch along with the ducks. what a true treasure. andrew and i enjoyed ourselves. i hope to make it out here again in the spring. there are extra photos on flickr.
no afternoon out would be complete without a stop at the quilt shop, returned to Sweet Home Quilt Co. it was only 10 minutes away, and on the way home!!! the quilt club stopped by here during the shop hop, this store has a great selection of reproduction fabrics. bought a couple pieces to include with my scrambled eggs class that kathy and i are taking tomorrow.

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