Saturday, September 19, 2009

some assembling required.

seems like there is a lot of that going on, enjoyed quilt club last night, we were productive and enjoyed some good eats, and finalized plans for hilton head. (l-r brenda, joyce, me and kathy)
millefiori is blocked and ready for finishing and the button bands, hope to have this finished today, love love the color, and look forward to getting buttons in nyc in november.
basement update, a couple other photos are on flickr. here's where the new plumbing meets with the old, lots of pipes and assembling with this home improvement project! most of the sheetrock is in, and the ceiling and doors will be next.
steve works on the pocket door for the bathroom.
finally, not to leave andrew out- he's "assembling" pasta salad for the church picnic tomorrow. he's making his favorite-suddenly salad- bacon ranch.
it's a wet and soggy saturday, think i'll go get started assembling my cardigan!

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mary said...

great photos!! love the update...(need to get some blog mojo back myself - thanks for inspiring me!!)