Monday, September 21, 2009


here's a couple photos taken from highway 92 today on the way home:
lake allatoona-hard to believe that a year ago it was down to about nothing.
lake acworth-not the best shot, but definitely higher than it normally should be
got home to find that the water issue we discovered yesterday-that caused a small flood, indeed can lead to a bigger flood. am grateful that there wasn't anymore water than what we had inside.
other things i'm grateful for today:
~i was able to leave work early to get home
~the boys made it home from school to the fitzpatricks then home safely-lots of roads underwater in our area
~when we moved we invested in a ton of storage containers, and have reused them for storage, thus making the actual loss minimal and relegated to a few things that were stored in cardboard
~i had dinner already prepared-heat and eat (one less thing to worry about)
~we had not installed any flooring into the new finished part of the basement, so we only had a few rugs that need to be dried out, other than that it's just drying concrete-making clean up much easier.
we'll see what overnight and tomorrow brings.

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mary said...

glad you're all ok (and the damage is minimal) - what we saw on tv was very scary!