Thursday, September 10, 2009

morning commute

i wasn't sure about crossing the newly opened 14th street bridge, cause like i told steve, when the city of atlanta completes a project ahead of schedule, you gotta proceed with caution. so anyway this morning (this was taken at about 6:45) here i am getting ready to make a left over the bridge- the columns are really cool and they are located at intervals across the bridge. there is also some really pretty iron work on the bridge instead of the ordinary chain link fencing, that has a leaf motif on it, very pretty- green light,

blue light- i was impressed with my "night-time" photography- the pillars also turn red, and i think yellow, can't remember. very pretty.


mary said...

oh, very cool! ...and I am also impressed with your night time photography!!

Anonymous said...

yes... attractive thoughts.